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Friday, January 2, 2009

A Cute Noah Story

I have been trying my best to teach Noah to be considerate of others. A couple of weeks ago when we went out to eat for dinner, he decided to scream at ear-piercing decibels at the table. I put my face really close to his and firmly told him to stop. Then, I told him to look around the restaurant at all the people eating dinner. I let him know that those people wanted to enjoy their dinner without his screaming and that it was rude of him not to be considerate of them.  I know that he is only 1 and 1/2 and that he doesn't understand everything but I try to explain things to him anyways. 
  Today we went out to eat for lunch and once Noah was in his high chair, he looked at me and said, "Noah, no scream, because there's peoples." I was so proud of him and I realized that a lot of times we underestimate our kids and what they can understand. He went through the entire meal without screaming! 


Pamee said...

OH IS THAT CUTE =) I so MISS HIM this week!!!

Jennifer Lynch said...

That is AWESOME! He is one smart cookie.

kathryn said...

I loved this! I confess, when Richard and I had little ones at home and finally got a night out, we would avoid sitting next to a table with a little one, because every night was screaming hour for us! Way to go momma! Kathryn

Jenny Chin said...

okay Taleah... that is absolutely way too cute!!!! I love it.