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Family Photo

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Few Confessions From This Week...

I had to go pee REALLY bad one day. I was holding Maia at the time and ran to  the bathroom with her and didn't even take the time to put her down. I held her in my lap while I went pee. My bladder is not what it used to be prior to my two babies. 

While in the midst of reprimanding Noah for spitting (he does it because Maia does it) he looked at me and said "Oh my gosh! Noah NO spit!" I burst out laughing right in front of him. Needless to say the teaching moment was lost and now my son thinks that all he has to do is make me laugh when he gets in trouble. I am working on keeping a straight face. 

I found a tupperware full of leftovers from a meal from over a month ago. I was too chicken to open it and vomit from the smell and green stuff growing in the dish and have to wash it. I just threw it away. The worst part of it is, it wasn't my tupperware. It was my mother-in-law's. Sorry Terri! 

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