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Family Photo

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Kid is Too Smart

My son is hilarious. He picks up on everything I say and then repeats my exact phrases in perfect comedic timing. Here is an example....My daughter Maia burps like a grown man. It is amazing how loud and grotesque her burps are. Whenever she lets out one of these monsters I say, "Well excuse you Maia." Yesterday on our way home from Bup's house Maia started doing her demon growl (I will try my best to get video of this). Noah thought it was a burp, so he followed her growl with an emphatic, "Scuse you Maia!" I couldn't help but giggle.

My son is also very strategic with the timing of his humor in sticky situations. Case and point: Ricky was punishing Noah for being naughty and was speaking to him very firmly while making Noah look him in the eye. When Ricky said, "Do you understand?" With a very serious face, Noah answered , "Noah farted." 

Perfect! My son is a genius. Ricky and I are working on preparing ourselves to outwit our child by keeping a straight face when all we want to do is laugh uncontrollably. Pray for us. 


kathryn said...

Amy was our kid that always had a great line at the most serious moment. Sarah used to get so mad that she always got out of trouble because we would be busting up laughing when she should have been getting disciplined. It is a fine art that she has perfected and at 21 years old, it is still working! I am afraid there is no hope!

Amanda G said...

I love Noah even more now!