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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Quiet = Trouble

I just bought a new bottle of baby shampoo but it's gone now. I was giving the kids their bath and when I was done washing Maia, I took her to her room to get her dried off and ready for bed. (Disclaimer: We've already established that CPS has many reasons to pay me a visit and this is going to be one more to add to their list.) I leave Noah in the bath and I continue to call to him and have him answer me so that I know that he is still breathing while I get Maia dressed. Usually he splashes and makes a really huge mess because I am not in the room to stop him. I always end up yelling at him from the adjacent room to stop until I am hoarse. By the time I go get him, my bathroom looks like a Tsunami hit it. Today, the routine was broken. Noah was very quiet while I was in the other room getting Maia ready for bed. Whenever I would call to him his response was delayed and when I asked him what he was doing he said, "Noah's washing his body." He must have watched me wash Maia with the wash cloth and decided to wash himself. Again, he got quiet and I tried my best to hurry with Maia and I called to him again. He gave me the same washing his body response. I zipped Maia's jammies and ran into the bathroom. The lack of splashing was freaking me out. The aroma in the bathroom was very strong but it was a lovely familiar shampoo. I looked down into the tub and it was brimming with soap suds. My son was pouring the last drops of shampoo in between his toes and saying "Look mommy. Noah wash his body!" Great! I've always heard that when you have kids silence = true...


Lizzy said...

Jacob did the same thing. While I was with Lisamarie in the room, he preceded to empty the contents of my hair conditioner that costs way too much money. Ugh! I was so distraught. ;/ He said he wanted to make more bubbles!

Jeana Hurst said...

You are not the only mama who probably should have CPS called on! I often read your posts and laugh because I do the very same things! like multi-tasking with one kid in the bath and one out getting changed. THe calling out technique...I SO DO THAT TOO! LOL I could have written your post word for word! I too agree that quiet with kids is no bueno! When it is quiet...LOOK OUT!