Family Photo

Family Photo

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Crazy Hair Day Turned Into Embarrassing Moment #238

Today was Crazy Hair Day at church for the kids. We got them ready and did their hair all crazy and when Noah had a fit and asked us to make his hair normal again, I promised him that all the other kids would have crazy hair too and it would be fun! To my dismay, when I got to church, I discovered that most of the kids either forgot about Crazy Hair Day or didn't know about it. There was only one other kid in Noah's class with crazy hair (and it was only because it's his best friend whose mom I texted this morning to remind her)! Well we dropped our children off in their respective classes and went to church. In the middle of service, Ricky gets a text asking him to get Maia. She had peed in her pants. Great! So, he had to get up in the middle of the sermon (totally embarrassing and rude) and get her.
When I got to the truck after church, where he and Maia were waiting for us, Maia was happy as a clam in a shirt and a diaper (which she has not worn in a year). I was hoping that she would hate being in a diaper, but my stubborn little munchkin would show no signs of embarrassment even if she was miserable in a diaper. Ricky informs me that not only did she pee in her pants, she peed while sitting on the sweet volunteer's lap. Ugh! When I ask her why she peed in her pants, she says "Well, my tummy didn't tell me that I had to go potty, so I didn't tell the teacher." Noah can't understand why his sister is in a diaper and repeatedly asks, "But, why is Maia in a diaper? Is she gonna take that off when we get home?" Then, my lovely daughter informs me that she has to go potty. Everything within me wants to tell her to just go in her diaper, so that I can save myself the "walk of shame." Instead, I walk my crazy haired, naked, child up to the church building where everyone is staring at me wondering what kind of mother brings their child into church with hair like that, no shoes, and no pants in 40 degree weather. All the while, Maia is whining, my feet are cold, hold me. As you know I am 8 months pregnant and can barely lug my own body weight for 3 feet without running out of breath, so there was no way I'd be able to carry my child from the parking lot to the bathroom without passing out. So, I did what any good mother would do and between clenched teeth, with a smile on my face for all the onlookers said, "And whose fault is that Maia? You peed in your pants, not mommy. So now you have to have cold feet." We successfully made the walk of shame and I captured a picture so that I could remember this embarrassing moment forever and ever.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Embarrassing Moment # 237

I have experienced lots of embarrassing moments in my life but this one has got to rank in the top 5...

I am blessed to work where I do. Maia is able to go to a day care on Tuesdays for the church staff kids and has the most amazing group of teachers who love on her and care about her so much. It gives me such peace of mind knowing that she is in these people's hands. So you can imagine my mortification when Maia's sweet teacher informed me of the following conversation that she had with Maia...

She had just finished going through her regular routine of taking Maia's mind off of missing me and had set her down to go play. She noticed Maia staring at her funny...

Maia: Miss P? How come you look like a witch? (insert gasp here)
Miss P: A witch?
Maia: Uh huh.

Miss P thought maybe it was because she had a thick brown scarf on. So she removed the scarf and continued the conversation...

Miss P: Do I look like a witch now Maia?
Maia: yup!

Now Miss P thought maybe she was going through a phase where everyone was a witch..

Miss P: Does Miss J look like a witch too?
Maia: Nope, just you.

Before I go on, I have to say that Miss P is a beautiful woman who looks nothing like a witch. She is super fashionable, in shape, and gorgeous. So, Maia had no reason to say this.

When I picked Maia up that day, Miss P told me of this conversation but first made me promise that I would not get mad at my daughter! I was so embarrassed even though Miss P thought it was the funniest thing ever!

On our drive home, I picked Maia's brain for an explanation. When we got home she showed me a picture of Malificent from Sleeping Beauty and said that is who Miss P reminded her of. I must say that I was quite relieved because I think she is actually an attractive witch...I mean take away the green face and the crazy purple eye shadow and you've got a pretty woman...right?!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thoughts From a Very Pregnant Woman

Did that trucker really just throw a cat call my way in my 8 month pregnant state as I waddle down the street with my two kids? Well, what can I say, I've still got it!

This chocolate right now will totally be worth the heartburn later.

It was a really bad idea to try to dress up my cankles with cute wedges...I may have to sleep with them on now...they are stuck...

If this kid kicks me in the ribs one more time, I'm gonna...uh...uh...scream!

Will I ever know what it feels like to have full lung capacity again?

Wow! I am in so much pain, I think this baby may just drop out at any second...has that ever happened before?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dinner for Foodies

It's been awhile and I am a bit upset at myself because this is a sort of journal for me and now I am going to have 2 weeks of my life missing from it and there has been lots to write about!

About 6 weeks ago my good friend said that she had asked a particular couple to her house for dinner and that she was really nervous about it for 2 reasons: 1) the people that were coming over are Foodies. When my friend and her husband went over that couple's house for dinner, they were served a 3 course gourmet perfectly balanced meal, which my friend described as "the best meal of her life." 2) my friend does not cook. Her solution to this problem was to invite me over to join them all for dinner...and to be the one to cook! Thus began my six weeks of anxiety.

She first suggested that I cook my chilequila casserole to which I responded, "That is a "mom dish!" You can't cook a "mom casserole" for someone who served you tomato bisque with a "swirly" on top!" And so for the next few weeks I wracked my brain and lost sleep over what I would make that evening. I knew that it didn't really matter what I cooked, because this couple really wouldn't care, they were just coming over for the fellowship. But, the competitive spirit within me wanted to rank up there with the tomato bisque with a swirly!
After a million trips to 5 different grocery stores, I finally decided to make a cheese fondue appetizer, a maple Dijon pork a la Rachael Ray, and s'mores chocolate fondue dessert. When I arrived at the friend's house on the day of the dinner, she was in the middle of trying to clean her house with her two sick deliriously tired toddlers running around trying to keep themselves busy. She apologized for her appearance and the price tag that hung off of the shirt she had just thrown on. She looked like my brain felt, in disarray. We both laughed and got to work. You would have thought we were having celebrities over for dinner the way we were acting!

Anyways, the night turned out wonderfully. My hubby who I have mentioned before is the World's Most Amazing Husband, made sure to be my calming agent by doing whatever it is I needed and ended up cooking the main course after my test run didn't turn out so good! (oh and he did the entire dessert himself too, come to think of it, I didn't do much cooking that night at all, I was too busy talking!) The food was delicious and the conversation even better.

All of the stress and sleepless nights of the previous weeks turned out to be for naught. I shared with the couple of my intimidation and we laughed about it and I thought to myself, why do I stress out so much over things that I know will turn out fine?