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Family Photo

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

To My Big 4 Year Old Boy on His Birthday

My Precious Noah,
Your mommy was way too emotional to write this to you on your actual fact after you went to sleep that day, I sat in my chair and just cried thinking about how fast time flies and how sometimes I just wish I could stop time and keep you little forever.
You are such a big boy with a huge heart. You have a sensitivity and compassion that is beyond your years. You truly understand what it means to put others first and to always "think of others" as mommy always tells you. You are a such a gentleman at your young age, always remembering to help your mommy, to hold the door open for people, to say please and thank you, and that ladies always go first. It really bothers you when mommy gets upset at you and you always ask if I am "happy with you." You need to know that I am not disappointed in you and you apologize for being naughty when you've gotten in trouble.
People love to give you gifts because your genuine joy and excitement and gratitude ooze from you! You say "thank you" over and over again and always tell mommy, "that was so kind of them to give that to me."
Your love for toys and movies is almost obsessive! You worry about growing up and having to give your toys away like Andy from Toy Story. I always assure you that you can keep your toys forever if you'd like. You have a hard time sharing your favorite toys but for the most part you do great. You have a toy with you wherever you go and never ever travel empty handed. When you are watching movies, you zone everyone around you out which drives your sister crazy as she is a chatter box and just wants to converse with you sometimes but you can't hear a word she says because you are so into your movie.
You love to talk to Jesus, reminding me to pray for people often. Your favorite thing to pray for is traffic! You hate traffic and as soon as you see it, you pray for it to go away. Your prayers are passionate and it's funny how I think you melt God's heart, because the traffic always seems to clear after you pray.
You also love your family so much! It means a lot to you to have everyone (grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, cousins, and siblings) all together. You cherish each one of your family members and really seem to understand the blessing of family.
You love your daddy so much and your favorite times are "playing rough" with him. I can't even watch you guys play because I cringe at how rough you play. But, you always go back for more. You look up to him and are genuinely interested in the Xtreme Sports that he likes. You keep asking when you can get a dirt bike and when you can go wakeboarding by yourself. You guys even watch Super Cross together.
I pray for God to continue to grow your sweet and compassionate and selfless heart and to prepare me to walk you through the heartbreaks you are sure to experience as you watch people get hurt in this life. You can't even fathom why your sister would be mean to you just to mean! So, I know that as you grow up, you will be shocked by the hurt people cause each other. I pray that God will use you in mighty ways for his glory. I see you being a bright light in this dark world. I pray for immense wisdom in raising you to love Jesus with all your heart, soul, and mind. You are a precious gem and such a blessing to your mommy. I have to cut this off here because I feel like I could talk about you forever! Happy Birthday Sweet Boy.

Friday, March 25, 2011

6 Things You Should NOT Say to a 9 Month Pregnant Woman

I have thick skin. I am not sensitive at all and I usually don't let people get to me very easily. But, I am discovering that when I am 9 months pregnant, I am extra irritable and although, I do not cry when harsh comments come my way, I find myself getting awfully annoyed. Here is a list of things that have been said to me when in the last stages of pregnancy. I figured that maybe people need a little help censoring themselves when talking to an overly pregnant and overly annoyed woman. Please take note of the following comments and spare the next 9 month pregnant person you run into...

6. I just can't stop laughing at how big you are.

5. You're still pregnant?! (Obviously I am and I really don't want to be, so please don't rub it in).

4. Well, at least your face hasn't gotten swollen yet.

3. Oh my, you're ENORMOUS!

2. This is the biggest I've ever seen you!

And the #1 thing NOT to say to a 9 month pregnant woman...(remember, these have all been said to me)...drum roll please...

1. Your grandma wanted me to call you and let you know that you look really fat.

Letter From the Retail Clerk at Motherhood Maternity That I Am Expecting in the Mail

Dear Mrs. Murray,

I am afraid that our store will no longer be able to welcome you and your children after your visit on Friday. Although, we do appreciate your business, the list of things that we do NOT appreciate far exceeds the profits we made off the 2 nursing bras you purchased.

*We did not appreciate your son's opening of the dressing room door as you tried on clothes. I am sure our guests and employees alike are scarred for life.
*We did not appreciate his loud questions regarding your body that the whole store could hear as you tried on your items.
*We did not appreciate your loud shushing and yell whispering threats. In fact we are contemplating putting in a call to CPS after hearing you threaten to make your 2 year old daughter sit in the car by herself while you shopped.
*We did not appreciate your kids running wild in the store hiding under all our clothing racks causing clothes to fall on the floor.
*We did not appreciate how slowly you waddled to find them and get them to stop.
*We did not appreciate your daughter knocking down our huge window display. Those are extremely cumbersome to put up and although I tried really hard to keep my cool, I am sure you noticed my intense irritation when this occurred.
*We did not appreciate your daughter screaming and crying at the top of her lungs for 5 minutes straight while I rang you up. I found myself almost giving you your items for free just so that you would get out of the store with your brood.

I am sorry to inform you that we do NOT want to know how much worse it could get once you have that third child. Please choose another store for your maternity needs.

The Nice Clerk Lady at Motherhood Maternity

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

9 Months Pregnant and Crazy

We rented Noah a jumper for his birthday and I just couldn't let the opportunity to go down the slide pass me by. So, I climbed up the unsteady ladder in the most ungraceful fashion, lined up the kids...
and pushed off
It was all fun and games until...
My ankle got twisted and skidded against the plastic...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Things to Remember

Noah running into my room with infant clothes exclaiming, "Look what Nana bought for my baby brother!"

Noah and Maia coming up to my belly throughout the day and kissing my belly and telling Malakai to wake up.

Noah pushing (way too hard) on my belly and saying, "Oh it's squishy there. That means Malakai is not there."

Noah pinching my tummy and informing me that he just pinched his little brother's butt.

Maia asking if Malakai kisses daddy when mommy kisses daddy, drives when mommy drives, eats when mommy eats etc.

Maia asking of the doctors will have to "pull hard" to get Malakai out of mommy's belly!

Maia informing me that Malakai is not crying in mommy's belly but rather "swimming in there."

Noah asking me to drink cold water so that Malakai can wake up and kick him when he pushes my tummy.

Noah laying his head on my tummy and singing to and talking to the baby. He never forgets to tell my tummy good night. He is going to be a great big brother.

As much as I hate being pregnant, I am savoring all these "belly moments" with my kids....and now I am crying...stupid pregnancy hormones!

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Monday, March 14, 2011

...And Then The New License Picture Came

Just when I thought I couldn't possibly feel any worse about new driver's license came in the mail with my new picture on it. Seriously? I never ever want to show anyone my ID ever again. I will use cash from now on, will never order an alcoholic beverage, and will never drive over the speed limit.

I will never forget the day I took my last license picture, because someone asked me that very day if I'd gained weight. Can you believe that guy? Anyways, my face did look a little plumper than usual in that particular picture so maybe I had gained a few pounds, but this picture, the one I received today, puts that picture to shame. This picture looks like I've gained all my pregnancy weight in my face! I mean, I know that I've eaten 2 Cinnabons this week and that I've had a double scoop of ice cream or a chocolate bar almost every day of this last trimester, but for it to ALL show up in my face on my ID picture is a little ridiculous.

I contemplated posting the picture of it on here, but It is so bad that I cannot even show my husband out of sheer embarrassment. So, if you want an idea of what it looks like, just refer to THIS post.

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(This was written last Tuesday but due to technical difficulties is just now being posted!)

Today is Day 6 of being home all day dealing with my sick toddlers who are coughing up their lungs and have waterfalls of snot coming from their noses. Whinese has become the official language of our house...even I am speaking it. And now I have been infected by the bug and am angry about it. Oh and did I mention that my ankles are non-existent and my fingers look like they've been injected by fillers?

Can you tell that I am in my ninth month and that I am done? I have no idea how I will make it through the next 4 weeks. I kind of feel like this all the time...

I'd really appreciate your prayers for this child to put me out of my misery by making his arrival sooner rather than later. I have resorted to lying on the couch with my feet elevated and barking orders to my children because it hurts to move...I'm sure they'd appreciate your prayers too!

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