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Family Photo

Monday, January 12, 2009


I must say that I impressed myself today. I think that I can now call myself a professional! A professional what? I am not sure what to call about a professional efficient wipey user. Today, Ricky took Noah with him to run errands so it was just Maia and I. When she woke up from her nap, my nose let me know that she needed to be changed. There was a little problem wipes. How was I supposed to change my daughter with no wipes. I looked all over the place and found one lone wipey behind the changing table. I noticed that it hadn't been used. It must have been one that I pulled out and ended up not needing. It would have to do. I wet it with some warm water since it was dry and went to work. I completed the job using only that one wipe and managed to keep nine of my ten fingers clean as well. Not bad huh? I think I might have just graduated out of the Rookie Mom stage! 

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Pamee said...

I have WIPEY's FOR YOU!!!!!!!! I forgot to give them to you =) HAHAHA!!!! OOOPPS!! I will have them for you tomorrow!!