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Family Photo

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Words with Toddlers

My kids say the funniest things. When they say these types of things, I try to store them in my memory bank until I can make it to a computer to blog about them. However, being pregnant and semi-crazy does not lend itself to remembering things. So, many of those things are long lost. But, today I did remember a couple of things that my kids said recently.

A couple weeks ago Maia was trying to tell me that "cows eat hay" but, she forgot the word "cow" so she said: "Moos eat hay mommy."

Noah wanted to play with the Play-doh, but couldn't quite remember the word:
"After dinner mommy, can you get the potato out for me to play with?"

Maia: (Loudly in a public setting) I gotta go poop!
Me: (Whispering to her) You mean you have to go potty?
Maia: No, I don't have to go potty. I gotta go POOP!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Emotional Wreck

Oh my gosh! I am a complete mess...I blame pregnancy hormones. I just dropped the kids off at separate houses for the night for the first time ever. I cried like a baby the whole way home (well until Ricky bought me ice cream). My mother-in-law who usually watches Maia on Thursdays is going to San Diego for a couple of days and asked to take Maia with her since it falls on her babysitting day. I thought it was a great idea and a great way for Maia to get some one on one time with her "Bamma." But, when I dropped Maia off tonight, she cried and cried as she watched us leave. She never does that, but because Noah was not there with her, it was different. I know that she will be fine, but my pregnancy hormones are making everything so much more dramatic. I just can't stop crying. She is so used to being with Noah everywhere. He is her comfort. She never cries when I leave her places because he is there with her. They've never slept overnight in separate rooms let alone separate houses! Can you tell I'm emotional about this?

I knew that the first day of pre-school would be tough. I know that the first day of kindergarten, Jr. High, and High School graduation will be hard. I am prepared to be a mess when I see them off to college and watch them get married. But, I was NOT prepared for the first time they would spend the night in separate houses.

I'm telling you, this pregnancy is going to land me in the mental institution. Sheesh!

**I called this morning and my sweet mother-in-law assured me that she slept in the same room as Maia so that she wouldn't be lonely and Maia slept great and woke up happy as can be. Now they are off for a fun vacation!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Scale

You know that scale in the doctor's office that is always broken and adds about 5 pounds to your true weight? Well, I hate that scale. The last time I was on it, was about 9 weeks into my pregnancy and it said I'd gained 8 pounds in 9 weeks! Ridiculous! What's worse is that they would not let me take my shoes off nor did any amount of my begging get them to lower my weight by 5 pounds on my chart because of my shoes.
So, for my 12 week doctor's appointment, I came prepared to challenge that stupid scale to a duel. I wore the lightest Summer dress I could find in my closet and flip flops that only weighed 1 pound as opposed to my 5 pound wedges. Holding a steady gaze on that little screen, I stepped up onto the scale daring it to disappoint me again. It beeped and beeped and beeped again toying with the idea of giving me an unsatisfactory number but then thought better of it fearing my violent reaction. And what'dya know? I weighed 4 pounds less than the last time! Woo Hoo! I showed that scale who was boss and I will never wear jeans and wedges to the doctor ever again.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Tidbits From This Weekend

* Maia decided to throw one of her daily tantrums while on the beach on Saturday in front of an audience. She plunged herself face first into the sand protesting my decision to take the shovel away from her. Then, in an effort to really sock it to me, she picked up a handful of sand and shoved it in her mouth. Immediately, she realized the mistake she'd made. Mommy and Daddy were not reacting as she intended. Instead, we both turned around and stifled our laughter. Then, we just watched her to see what she would do next. She discreetly tried to rid her mouth the grainy substance, pushing it out slowly with her tongue, all while keeping a pouty face to assure us that she was still angry. Definitely, a tantrum to remember.

* Conversation while paying for parking at the beach:
Ricky: HOLY CRAP! $15.00 for parking? This is ridiculous!
Noah: Daddy? (Thoughtful pause) Did you just say a naughty word?
Me: Yes, he did Noah, and daddy is sorry. Right, Babe?
Ricky: Yes, daddy shouldn't have said that word.
Noah: Next time when you wanna say that word, you should say, 'Aww nuts' instead. Kay Daddy?
Ricky: Okay Noah.

* Ricky, Maia, and Noah have all been sick with a cold, so the kids have been asking why they get sick? Here are the reasons they've come up with...
Maia: Maybe the sun got Noah sick
Noah: I think it's cuz I watched too much t.v.
Maia: Daddy ate too much sugar, that's why he's sick
Noah: I think it's cuz daddy didn't eat all his vej-a-vuls.

Friday, September 17, 2010

A Much Needed Good Day

*Sigh* I am sitting here enjoying the sweet aroma of my new Creamy Pumpkin candle and sipping on my delicious Chai Rooibos Latte. Today was a good day...I needed a good day. I have had quite a few bad days lately.

After puking up stomach bile this morning, I attempted the impossible task of getting my kids and I ready, packed, and out the door by 7:30 a.m. in order to make it to Disneyland by 9:00a.m. We got out by 8:00a.m., picked up my wonderful mother-in-law and headed out for a fun day at the "happiest place on earth." We had a so much fun not waiting in long lines, exploring Tom Sawyer's Island, and going on rides that were out of our normal Disneyland routine. I had my new Preggie Pops on hand when I got nauseous which actually helped a bit. I had such a great time, that even Maia's loud -obnoxious- bathroom-while everyone is waiting- tantrum nor the outdoor- on -the- cement- in- front -of- everyone -tantrum could not ruin my day.

After we got home and took naps, we went to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants and then to the Shoppes to walk around. I found a really cute children's book that made me laugh out loud, then I got a really great deal on Fall candles, and to top off the night I discovered a delightful alternative to coffee which brought me the same result. Ahhhhh...maybe this is the beginning of the end of my funk. Even though I threw up twice today, I feel like I may be on the up swing! Woo hoo!

Side Note: I LOVE coffee. I look forward to it daily. I crave it. I need it. It's a simple pleasure that brings me oodles of joy. However, when I am pregnant, the thought of coffee makes me want to vomit. And that makes me angry. So angry in fact, that I have actually forced myself to choke down a cup despite my disdain for it. This makes me despise the substance even more. End of side note

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mom to the Rescue

I called my mom today to come over and rescue me. Noah woke up sick, Ricky is sick, and I am having a really bad week nausea, stomach problems, sciatic nerve name it. It was lunch time, and I could feel that I was losing my grip. Noah had just tackled his sister to the floor, then when he went to give her his apology hug, she bit him. This was right after Noah pooped and I threw up from wiping him and Maia insisted on watching me. That was right after Maia refused to clean up her mess and hit me when I told her she had no choice. And that was right after Noah had a coughing attack and a breathing treatment. My morning was chalk full of yelling, threatening, consoling, and begging. I asked God if He really meant to subject another one of these little ones to my horrible parenting. Did He not see how badly I was screwing up with these two? He said He knew what He was doing. I cried. Then, I called my mom and asked her to come over after she got off of work to put my household back in order and to take care of all of us as I just can't seem to get the job done right now. I am not Wonder Woman after all and I am okay with that.

Friday, September 10, 2010

More Confessions from a Pregnant Woman

Sometimes a girl just needs to feel attractive, ya know? Well, I've kissed attractive goodbye while pregnant. Here are some of the reasons...

While in church the other day, I had a major hot flash and felt a sweat drop drip from my arm pit down my arm. (Insert gag here).

I vomit daily and I vomit violently. Example: The other day while puking in the toilet, it all splashed up into my face and into my hair. (Gag again)

I now have a muffin top because all of my pants are too tight. Definition of muffin top: The fat that overflows the top of your pants.

My face is always oily and I discover a new zit daily to add to my collection.

I feel like a blob. Yup, just one big huge blob of bleh that moves in slow motion all the time.

I could go on and on about my unattractiveness, but in order to maintain some shred of dignity, I will stop here. If you are pregnant or ever have been pregnant, can I please get an "AMEN" in the comments section? I'd really appreciate it.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Noah's First Day of School

So, I was a bit of a wreck the morning of Noah's first day of school. He was really excited until we actually walked up to the school. Then, he began to have second thoughts, "Mommy, I don't wanna go to school. I wanna stay with you." It was a good thing my friend, Debbie came with me for moral support or I just might have made a run for it, taken him home, and played hooky from work. I assured him he'd love it and continued the walk to school. As we were making our way to the classroom, I saw all the other parents there with their big ol' professional cameras taking pictures of this milestone in their child's life. SHOOT! Again, I get the World's Worst Mommy Award. How did I not even think to bring a camera?! Then, I remembered that I had my iPhone in my purse. It would have to do. I took a picture, took a deep breath, and left my Noah with the teacher at the playground who invited him to draw on the floor with chalk. I did not even get to kiss him goodbye. I did not want to make a scene. Debbie, rubbed my back and told me it would be okay. I felt my eyes get hot, but I willed myself not to cry. I was successful.
Throughout the day, I had three different people give me updates on Noah. He was doing great, not crying at all, and participating in all the activities. I could not wait to hear all about it from him. When 2:30 rolled around, Ricky came to pick him up. Ricky, Maia, and I all walked over to the school together to pick up our big boy. When I walked into the classroom, he was eating his snack with all the other kids. I noticed his crooked shorts and half tucked in t-shirt when he stood up. He got a huge smile on his face when he saw us and came bouncing over. Before Ricky or I could get to him, Maia embraced him in a huge hug as if she was seeing him for the first time in months! He hugged her back and did not get annoyed when she would not let go. She missed him so much! Again, I felt my eyes get hot, but I refused to let the tears fall!
The teacher told us how well he did and on our walk to the car, he told me how he listened to a froggy story, painted with green paint, climbed up the blue red and yellow letters, danced with sticks to a funny bear song, ate graham crackers, played with Larry Boy, was the "light helper," prayed, and went potty all by himself.

My heart was full!

Conversations with My Kids Today

Eating dinner and talking with Noah. He explained something to me...

Me: "Oh that makes sense."
Noah: "Why did you say that word?"
Me: "What word?"
Noah: "That word."
Me: "That makes sense?"
Noah: "Yeah."
Me: "Because when you understand something, you say 'That makes sense.'"
Noah: "Well I don't like that word. You shouldn't say it anymore."
Me: "Okay. If it bothers you that much, I won't say it anymore."
Noah: "Kay."

I was talking with Ricky about how my sister-in-law was currently in labor and that they had just broken her water. Maia was listening intently to our conversation...

Maia: "Why her water broke?"
Me: "When babies are in the tummy, they are in water. So, when they come out the water comes out."
Maia: "You have a cup of water in your tummy?"
Me: "No. It's more like the baby is swimming in water."
Maia: "You have a big pool in your tummy?"
Me: "No, a big pool wouldn't fit in my tummy."
Maia: "You have a cuzzi in your tummy? The baby is swimming in it?"
Me: "Yup."
Maia: "Oh!"

Monday, September 6, 2010


I have a hard time with change. I mean, it's not that I lack flexibility. It's just that it's hard to say good bye to the familiar and hello to the unknown. There are lots of changes happening around here lately and I think the anxiety of it all is adding to the nausea. Thus, I will not be sad when this season of change and nausea is over.

Noah starts pre-school next week. He will be going on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:00 to 3:00. I am going to cry like a baby all day that day. I am sure of it. He is beyond ready, but I am not. Yesterday, he was a 5 lb baby in the NICU fighting for his life! How the heck is he 3 1/3 going on 13 today? No matter how much I beg him to stay little, he assures me that he is bound to get bigger because he eats all his "veja-vuls" and because he wants to go wakeboarding by himself.

Guck and Bup are moving out of their house and will have to wait a bit before they get into their new house as it is not done being built. So, not only is Maia going to have to adjust to being without her brother for the first time, she is also going to have to adjust to an unstable babysitting situation for awhile. I really think she will do fine, but me? Well, I am a bit stressed out for her. I know that once Guck and Bup get settled into their new house, Maia will never want to leave, but until then I don't know what to expect!

Did I mention that I am pregnant? Oh yeah, I have. Did I mention that I am nauseous 24 hours a day and that I throw up at least twice a day? Oh, I yeah, you knew that too! Did I mention that this pregnancy was not planned and that I hate being pregnant? Pregnancy doesn't agree with me and so it is hard to function everyday. Everyday I pray that I will stay positive and not sink into the "woe is me" negative nelly pity party. It is not an easy task. And, with all of the changes staring me down, it makes it even tougher. It also doesn't help that I have not been able to work out and that I have gained EIGHT POUNDS according to the sale at the doctor's office (I would just like to say here that I had my heavy wedge shoes on, heavy jeans, and I had to pee really bad...combined all of that HAS to weigh 5 pounds, right?).

This will definitely be a time in my life that I will remember well. I just pray that the nausea and anxiety does not get the best of me and that I can truly "Trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding." I know that trials produce character and perseverance. Pray for me!