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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dear Mid-Life Crisis Man Letter #147

Dear Mid-Life Crisis Man,
  One of these days, I will actually give one of these letters to you, but until then I am going "vent" to my blog friends about you in a pretend letter (notice how I have violated two Confession Mama goals in one post!). 
  It is 9:19 p.m. and my husband just left to go for a bike ride to blow off steam thanks to you. I know that you are still unemployed after 2 years of living next door to us and that you have nothing better to do than play Guitar Hero all day long with your kids, but might I again remind you that you are in your late 40s and must grow up and get a job sometime; not only for your own good but for the sanity of your neighbors. If you must continue to be unemployed, is it possible to play Guitar Hero at a reasonable volume, you know a volume that does not cause our floor to rumble because of the intense bass coming from your house or our pictures on our shared wall to fall down? You see my husband and I, who have returned from a hard day's work (which you know nothing about) would like to sit down with our kids for a peaceful family dinner in our living room without having to hear the incessant loud noise coming through our wall. I appreciate you answering the door, after the 10th time my husband knocked with your guitar in hand to hear what he had to say. However, you failed to turn down the volume like you said you would and I am now sitting on my couch rocking back and forth and biting my nails because I am on the verge of losing my mind. I find myself waiting for you to take a bathroom break so I can bask 2 minutes of silence. My husband has handled it differently; he was about to punch a hole in the wall, so he went for a bike ride to cool down. All I am asking is for you to turn the volume down...oh and get a job...oh and get a minivan...oh and stop getting wasted with your teenage kids and yelling at the top of your lungs in the middle of the night...oh and stop leaving your cigarette butts in front of our garage for my son to pick up. It's just a few simple requests...our sanity depends on it. 

Your Friendly Wall Sharer 

P.S. If you fail to turn down the volume, do not be surprised if your t.v. and your play station and your guitar are in a million little pieces in the I said I am on the verge of insanity!!! 


Jennifer Lynch said...

Oh, Taleah! I just hurt for you. And I am angry for you. I'm very sensitive to sound and in college wanted to commit violence on all my neighbors who played their music too loud. But that was college. I can't imagine how it must be after working all day and worrying about my kids getting sleep. I admire your self-restraint (and Ricky's too!). I believe you are totally justified in venting this. I'm praying for your neighbor that he finds Christ and so desires to be a good neighbor. And maybe just blasts Christian music at decent hours? Hang in there!!

Brianna said...

At least your husband has the ability to control himself and go on a bike ride. I'm pretty sure my husband would have punched a hole in his face after I did first :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Taleah...mama Shuler:) Can you go to the Home owners association and complain to them? We had a neighbor behind us that we finally had to take to court it was that bad so I REALLY feel for you. I was on first name basis with the Covina PD dispatcher that's how many times I called them. Hang in there!

Tiffany said...

Maybe you can have a whole bunch of crazy mamas show up at his door and have our hair all messed up and scary looking and tell him that we will start showing up on his doorstep everyday if he doesn't turn down the racket!!!!

A little psycho? Perhaps. Maybe you can just call the cops on him a gazillion times! hehe

Anonymous said...

O my goodness that must be so annoying. I don't know how you tolerate it. It's bad enough for you and Ricky to deal with and then you have to worry about him not waking up the kids. Ugh. Not fun. I will pray that you and the family have some peaceful and silent nights.