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Family Photo

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Today's "Notes to Self"

Buy some wire cutters so that I can cut all the wires on the 4 motorcycles that are at the condo across from us. (They decided to have a motorcycle party during the kids' nap time. Nap time and four roaring engines right below the kids' window do not mix)

Next time we search for a house to move into make sure and interview all the surrounding neighbors and ask if any of them are going through a mid-life crisis or are in a motorcycle club/ gang. 

Check Maia's back before changing her diaper to avoid sticking my hand in poop that has travelled up her back and out of her diaper.

Stop saying "Oh Crap" in front of my son when the neighbors piss me off. 

Don't let Noah stand on the foot stool to look out the window at all the motorcycles after he has already fallen off once. The second fall is always worse. 

Buy some non-nursing regular bras. I don't know what those look like since I've been in nursing/ pregnant bras for 2 years straight. 

Don't talk about bras on my blog, I may get blocked for "Adult Content." 

When putting on music for Noah to dance to, make sure the lyrics are clean. He doesn't need to be learning words such as "booty" and "panties."...oh and make sure you are not taking video of him while he is dancing to this music. 

Brush my teeth as soon as I wake up before I get the kids or I'll never brush them.

Get a babysitter and go on a date with my husband tonight so that my kids won't have to go to bed at 5:30 p.m. because they are driving me crazy. 

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