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Family Photo

Sunday, December 28, 2008

No Carpet Allowed

I remember the gray carpet in my house growing up being absolutely disgusting. By the time we got rid of it, there were very few patches in it that were actually the original color. We had spilled countless liquids and food items on it, not to mention the beating it took from dirty shoes, school projects involving paint and glue, and dog pee.
The carpet in my house now is beginning to look a lot like the carpet in my house back then. I have realized that carpet serves no purpose in households containing small children. It is actually a thorn in my side. This week alone, my carpet has weathered attacks from vomitted curdled milk, baby prunes spit-up, baby food carrots, spilled orange juice, milk, and formula. I have attempted to clean all these messes up with store-bought carpet cleaner to no avail. When I pick up Maia from her play time on the floor, she smells like carpet cleaner mixed with puke and sour milk. Why do houses even come with carpet anymore? All they do is gather these messes and serve as breeding grounds for germs and nasty smells. I am going on strike against carpet! Anyone want to join me?


Tiffany said...

I will! I am absolutely appalled by how dirty our carpet is. My husband will not allow anyone into our home because it is so disgusting. It looks exactly like my home growing up. So sad. I swore it would be different, but it isn't. ay!

MOMIFEY said...

so with you on this one!!!! i think my carpet might be worse then yours considering the red puffy paint that was never used to write names on stockings that is now pink splotched all over!

Jennifer Lynch said...

We have tile and carpeting. I love the tile for cleaning reasons, but it's eating our socks - seriously. We all have big holes - and I just bought us all new socks. And tile is hard on little heads! Be thankful for carpet when your little ones hit the floor. For the carpeting, have you tried Folex carpet cleaner? It's a rather plain bottle, but it's magic. Target or Wal Mart (or grocery store, but it's double the price there).