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Family Photo

Friday, December 5, 2008

Hurry Home

My husband left yesterday afternoon for a 3 day 3 night guys' Glamis trip. I am thinking that right about now it would be in his best interest to return home IMMEDIATELY. If I had a camera I would be taking pictures of my house instead of giving you descriptions but as you may recall from one of my previous posts, I am camera-less because I am losing my mind and everything else as well. Now, back to the subject at hand...Ricky has been gone for 30 hours and here is what my house looks like. The dining room table contains the remnants of my oh so healthy dinner from Carl's Jr. which I consumed at 9:00 p.m., 2 very dirty high chair trays, a dirty bib, a broken Tickle-Me-Elmo, Maia's car seat piled high with three jackets, 2 blankets, and a couple of toys, and of course shoved to the corner of the table you will find my Christmas Center piece. The living room carpet cannot be seen because it is covered with toys and I just realized that I have not watered the Christmas Tree since Ricky left. My kitchen counters are being accessorized by both of the babies' clothing that I found in their diaper bag this morning, dirty dishes, clean-not-yet-put-away dishes, and empty water bottles. The stove contains a full pot of noodle soup that I made for Noah which was much too spicy for him and even for me. The sad thing is that I kept feeding it to him despite his scrunched face and his repeated attempts to tell me it was too spicy for him. I didn't have a plan B for his dinner so I had no other choice (The soup jar was a craft I made in my mom's group. It should have come with a warning. Who would've thought a mom craft would be spicy?).  If  I empty the contents of the pot, then I will have to wash it so I think I'll just leave it there and hope that it disappears by the time I wake up in the morning. My hallway shelf contains tons of folded laundry. My washing machine smells like mildew because I washed the kids' clothes last night and still haven't put them in the dryer. Looks like they will be smelling like mildew for the next couple of weeks. I don't have the energy to wash them again. The babies' room is a complete disaster with clothes both clean and dirty piled high on their changing table, somewhere underneath that pile lies a couple of dirty diapers and the wipes. Both of their cribs are draped with clothes and one damp monkey towel (I only got around to bathing one baby tonight. Maia will have to suffer through being smelly until Ricky comes back). 
  I don't have the energy to describe the scene in my bedroom or the one in the bathroom so I won't and I am sure you get the picture by now. I am not cut out to be a single mother. It has only been 1 day and CPS might as well declare my house "unfit for children" and me unfit for raising children.  Besides forcing my kid to eat spicy food, and not bathing my stinky daughter, I forgot to change both of their diapers earlier today and they both ended up soaking through their pants. Furthermore, the reason why I ate dinner at 9:00 p.m. is because I forgot to eat today, as well as pee. Ricky, if you want to catch me while I have a shred of my sanity left and before CPS pays me a visit and before I contract a bladder infection from forgetting to pee, you better come home NOW!


Doug and Cherie Yost said...

Don't worry this must be an epidemic of homes during the ...I am still trying to find something to blam it season, busy time of year, husband being gone, photography biz (sorry you can not use that one) you can join Joy and I in our OCD tendencies with the need to carefully plan out our week (cleaning, dinners...) and make a binder to do it :) I blogged on the same thing

Pamee said...

=) HAHAHA!! Life... for me... it was times like this that I was THANKFUL that I was NOT a single Mom! Chuck traveled a lot when the kids were little - and Chuck called to talk to them.. Rich said " Can I come to your house Dad? " It broke my heart!! He was gone ALL summer!! HAHA!!

Jen Resendez said...

Yeah...Ricky is home! :)

MOMIFEY said...

i think i have the same amount of mess but in a one bedroom apartment...dont worry i got your back. hahaha j.k