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Family Photo

Monday, December 22, 2008

Room Sharing

I am not a fan of my kids sharing a room. Not a fan at all. I made sure Noah was fast asleep for his nap and then attempted to put Maia down knowing that she is exhausted and would fall asleep fast. I tiptoed out of them room and begged God to please let her go to sleep. As I sit here, my entire body is tense, I guess I think that if I tense up my body and hold my breath it will help her not cry. It's not working. She is doing the tired whine thing and I just heard Noah whine too. Please, please, please God. Please don't let Noah wake up. I need at least 1 hour to wrap presents, do dishes, do my quiet time, pee in peace, have some facebook time, and blog...okay 2 hours would be a really great Christmas present, Lord! 
 Yesterday's sermon was on answered prayer. I am putting it to the test!!! 

P.S. The GP's brought Noah home alive and well with no sign of being pre-diabetic or having early stages of heart disease. His eyeballs were also in tact. 

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Beck said...

however, he may have had a bit too much to drink ;) Apparently they know how to show their grand chid a good time! Ha Ha