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Family Photo

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Throwing in the Towel

Oh shoot, I just lied to my son...I told him I was working...blogging is working, right? 

The other morning, my day started at 8. I got the kids out of bed changed them, fed them and then sat down to play with them. Sure enough, Noah started grunting and sweating because he was constipated. Great! After about 20 minutes of his painful grunting, I decided to step in as only mom's will do. I set him on his changing table and aided him in pooping...I won't go into details to save you all from losing your breakfast. During this process, he was in so much pain that he threw up all over the place. I cleaned him up and threw him in the bath tub. 
  Seeing my son in that much pain, then having to dig out poop and clean up vomit took it's toll on me and I was feeling emotionally worn out. I decided that I would get myself ready in hopes that it would give my spirit a lift. A little make-up and a flat iron, always gives me a boost. I left Noah with his toys in the living room and placed Maia on my bed to watch me get ready. Bad idea... As I was applying concealer, I looked over to see what Maia was doing. She was on the very edge of the bed and on her way off of it. It all happened in slow motion. I threw my make-up and ran for the bed as she slowly made her way off the bed toward the floor. I yelled, "Maaaaiaaa, nooooo." And flung my arms out to catch her. I missed. She hit the floor and let out a huge cry. I picked her up and wondered if God regretted giving me two of His children to care for. I held Maia for awhile and moved all her limbs to make sure she wasn't broken. I finished getting ready and got the kids ready to go to the market. I set Maia in her car seat, and began to buckle her in. All of  a sudden she broke into a frown and then let out a painful cry. I looked down and realized that I had pinched her little finger in the buckle. At this point all I wanted to do was lock myself in a room and cry.  It was only 10:30 a.m. and I was ready to throw in the towel. 


Brianna said...

Sounds like my day yesterday. I was trying to take pictures of my baby with my home ghetto studio and dropped a book on him that was trying to hold up my make shift back drop. oops. I felt like that. Maybe I am not cut out to be a mother ha

Pamee said...

Oh MAN! I have BEEN THERE!! One time I forgot to buckle Tim in the seat for the car... and my Mother in Law was IN the car with me... and we turned a corner and the WHOLE car seat fell to the floor - with Tim's face DOWN!! Praise GOD they do NOT remember those moments!! I NEED to watch Maia NOW!! She is MOBILE!!!!!

~Crystal~ said...

Hope you day today is better!