Family Photo

Family Photo

Friday, December 26, 2008

A Confession Mama Christmas

I've decided that God allows things to happen to me, not only so that He can get a good laugh at my expense but also so that I will have blog material for all of you. Christmas morning is a perfect example of this. 
 Ricky and I were so excited to give Noah his presents this year because he is old enough to grasp the concept of gifts and we knew that he would love what we had bought him. We hid his gifts throughout the house and when he woke up we sent him to find them. He had so much fun looking for all the gifts. Then, we gathered them all by the Christmas tree and he opened them while Maia enjoyed the wrapping paper. Then, he threw up all over them. Yup, you heard me correctly, he vomited all over his gifts and even got some on his baby sister. 
  Right as he finished opening his presents, he told me that his back hurt and I noticed that he was getting pale.  Like any inexperienced mother, I immediately held him and tried to comfort him. (I say "inexperienced" because an experienced mother would have know that he was about  to throw up and would have rushed him over to the sink.) Instantly, I heard him gag and I felt warm liquid pour down my shirt, and all over my leg. The second gag came and I felt more nastiness drench me. I looked down and saw curdled milk all over me, my son, the presents and wrapping paper that surrounded us, and all over Maia. Amidst my son's crying and my near gagging at the sour milk smell, I told Ricky to hurry up and grab the camera so that I'd have pictures for my blog. What can I say? I am a dedicated blogger! 

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Brianna said...

How is it possible that you still look cute even with puke all over you. This is a funny post.