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Family Photo

Monday, December 22, 2008

Frump Girl

The other day my brother was attempting to describe a particular girl to me. He said he could only describe her as "Frump Girl."  Upon hearing that description, immediately a very clear image popped into my head . I pictured a girl who has to resort to wearing dirty clothes out of her hamper because she has not done her laundry in weeks. Every day is a bad hair day for her because she is going through the "growing-out" phase with her hair. You know, when a girl cuts her hair short and then decides that she wants to grow it out again? She has to go through the in-between stage where no matter what she does it looks awful and she can't do anything about it?  "Frump Girl" definitely suffers from the "in-between" phase. She also may be mistaken for a man because of the fuzzy growth on her upper lip...not to mention the forest under her arms. Her nails are un-manicured, uneven, and just plain sad. Not only is she in need of an intense day at the spa, but she is in need of a good 12 hour night of sleep to get rid of the dark circles under her eyes...hey...wait just a minute...why does the "Frump Girl" in my imagination look a lot Oh dear! Do you think Oprah will miraculously read my blog, feel sorry for me, and include me in her next makeover show? Crazier things have happened people.


Brianna said...

As I was reading through this post. I was kinda disappointed cause it was like you were totally describing me. haha Oh well I guess I will be Frump Mom

Pamee said...

Oh man... I feel like that so many days!! I think that if I get a new shirt, or shoes... It fades AWAY the frump for a while!!