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Family Photo

Friday, December 19, 2008

Dirty Dancing

So, my son wanted to dance the other day and asked me to put on some music. I found a cable channel that played music and turned on my camera. I must say that I am a little bummed because it looks like my son inherited my dancing abilities...complete lack of rhythm. 
  I posted the second video so you could see what I was referring to in my previous post entitled "Notes to Self." I changed the channel on the TV to a "Dance Music" channel because I felt like it suited the occasion. However as I watched my home video later I realized that the words of the song were inappropriate for my 1 year old. He should not be learning phrases such as "Sexy, can I hit it from the front..." Oops!

P.S. Ignore the mess in the background...we were too busy dancing to clean! 


Chuck said...

How could Noah be cuter?

Sarah N. said...

He definitely has no idea how to dance to the "bad word" music. In fact he has a look on his face the whole time that says "I'm not so sure about this music, mom!" He had the moves with the other music.. so I think you are safe. He won't grow up to be a gangsta rapper!

Jaclyn Rodgers said...

These videos made my day!! Maybe Kelsey could show him a move or two so he won't feel out of place when he has to dance with his uncles at weddings or other Fernandez functions.