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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Women are From Venus and Men are From...Some Place Really Horny

Some of you already know from my previous My Space Confessions that I have a morbid habit of telling my husband the things he would miss about me if I were to die. And for those of you that don't know about you do! Anyways, last night we were watching a movie and made some chocolate chip cookies in the middle of the movie. When they were ready, Ricky got up and went to the kitchen to get us some cookies.

Me (from the couch): "Don't forget my glass of milk with ice."

Ricky: "Okay."

Me: "You're going to miss that about me when I die, huh? You'll remember that I always liked to eat fresh baked chocolate chip cookies at night with a glass of milk with ice. And you will miss that."

Usually when I say these things he answers with a short "Uh-huh."But this time was different.

Ricky: "Yup. And I will forever eat chocolate chip cookies with a glass of milk with ice in memory of you."

Wow! I just got the warm fuzzies! That was so sweet. He actually will miss me if I die. I have the greatest husband in the world. 

Me: "Awww Babe, that is so sweet of you."

(Long Pause)

Ricky: "Does it make you want to do me."

What can I say... I have quite a charmer on my hands. He knows just what to say to get me in the mood...  Are all husbands this way or is mine the only one who has these charming one liners after a romantic moment?


Tiffany said...

ROFL! That is sooo funny! It reminds me of when I tell my hubby how much I love him and how sweet he is when he takes care of me....and he breaks out into an Austin Powers impersonation "Does it make you Randy, Randy?" Bwahahah!

Sarah said...

Bless their hearts!! The best part is that that really is all it takes to get them in the mood! ha ha!!