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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Heart is Filled to the Brim

This is a much different post than what I usually write but I just felt inspired to write it. 
  Have you ever felt so happy that you feel like you will burst? Have you ever looked at your life and felt perfectly content? There is nothing more you could want. Have you ever wanted so badly to express thanks to God for all His blessings but didn't have the words to do it justice? This is how I feel everyday of my life. 
  I don't have a lot of money, in fact at times there is barely enough to pay the bills. I don't have a big is actually a very tight squeeze for my growing family. I don't have the fanciest car or the name brand clothes. Yet, I am full of joy and feel satisfied daily. I have learned that material does not bring me joy.  My relationship with Jesus Christ is what brings me ultimate satisfaction. He has guided my decisions in life and because of that I am married to the most amazing man who I love, respect, admire, adore, and cherish with all my heart. He treats me like a princess and yet challenges me to be a better person. 
 Although kids were not part of our plan until 2010, God thought it better to surprise us with two 13 months apart much earlier. When I found out I was pregnant with each of them, I fell to the bathroom floor in tears out of disappointment! I have a plan for everything and this was not a part of it. Now, I don't want to imagine life without my babies because they are vessels of overflowing light in my life. Everyday is an adventure with those two as you all know from reading my blog.  
  God is so good. I thank him daily for abundantly blessing me. I don't feel guilty for being so happy because I know that blessings are given so that blessings can be passed on. I hope to bless many people in my lifetime.  My problem is figuring out how to go about blessing others instead of just basking in my blessings. 


Anonymous said...

K.. that brought tears to my eyes. You are awesome Taleah.


Jen Resendez said...


That was beautiful! Isn't it amazing how God just blesses and blesses us when for me I feel like I do not deserve any of it!

Love ya!

Bridget said...

God is good!!! as much as I love reading all your funny posts this one is my favorite (made me tear up). After I sneeze this baby out lets get together!!!