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Family Photo

Sunday, July 27, 2008

What White Stuff?

The babies are asleep and the hubby is out getting me my Starbucks fix (with EXTRA whipped cream) so I have time to do a quick blog. 
  Today when we got to church and were getting the babies out of the truck and into the stroller, my husband pointed out white scrapes all over Big Mama's (my big black truck) front bumper. "What is that?" Ricky asked. Oh Shoot! What did I do? I don't remember. Think fast..."What is what?" I asked back. "Those white scrapes on the front of the truck. Did you run into the wall in the garage?" Uh oh. The other day when I had to endure an hour of Maia's screaming on the way home from the beach, I was a bit flustered by the time I got home and I may have pulled in a little too far and I might have "kissed" the wall but I don't know for sure so that means there is a possibility that I am not the culprit. "You're the one who drove the truck last so it had to be you." I replied. "But I always back into the garage so how could I have scraped the front bumper?" Dang it! Uh uh uh, oh got it..."You probably scraped up against one of those light pole thingys when you parked it at the grocery store the other day. It doesn't look that bad anyways. We could like start a new trend with with trucks; a little white dry wall on the front bumper adds character to Big Mama." To which my gracious husband responded, "Mmm hmmm," and let it go. Phew! That was a close one.  

P.S. Ricky just called me from "The Bucks" and said that they are all out of white mocha syrup stuff. How lame is that? I have been craving an iced decaf white mocha with extra whipped cream all day and now they don't have it? I told him that they better give me something for such luck. I am writing someone a letter about this!!!...Oh wait...he just got home and my drink has A LOT of whipped cream on it. All is forgiven and right with the world and no letter is necessary. 

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Jen Resendez said...

I hate when stuff like this happens on our watch! Like when I broke Eddie's car and I literally had driven it like 1/2 a mile. What the heck. What are the chances! :)