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Family Photo

Monday, July 14, 2008

Good Ol' Fashion Confessions

I forget to brush my child's teeth more than I remember. At least they are baby teeth and will eventually fall out anyway.

I was very excited to buy new clothes for work a couple of weeks ago. On my first day back to work I wore one of my new shirts and when I got home I went to give Maia a bath. I held her against my chest to take her diaper off and plop her into the bath tub in the sink but as I slid her diaper off I realized that she had pooped. It was too late, my new shirt had yellow poop smeared all over the front of it.

I blog while breast feeding.   

I refuse to go through drive thrus with my Big Mama truck because I am afraid I will chunk a curb or drive thru the menu. I have saved a lot of money because of this. 

I let Noah pick up rolie polie bugs and smoosh them in his fingers when he gets frustrated with them because they rolled up into a ball and won't open. 

I love love love whipped cream, especially coffee shop whipped cream. When I order coffee drinks I always get whipped cream on them. I cross my fingers and pray that the person making my drink will be generous with it.  When they are not, I hope that they burn themselves while making the next drink.

I think my daughter stopped pooping because I talk about her poop all the time on this blog.

I have sworn off family vacations forever after going on a one night vacation this weekend with my children. 

I always am ashamed to admit the trash television that I waste precious time watching. This is no fact it's worse...I am deeply ashamed to confess that I watch "I Survived a Japanese Game Show" on a weekly basis. But, before you gasp and start judging, watch one episode if only for the crazy host of "Hai Majide." He is pure entertainment and so are the Japanese studio audience members with their tambourines and bells!  

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Jen Resendez said...

Ok Eddie and I watch "I survived a Japanese Game Show" as well and Eddie loves when they say "Majide!" You too are hilarious!