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Family Photo

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Does My Kid Look Starved?

I ask myself this question whenever we hang out with family because for some reason everyone feels the need to feed my kid. Look at that belly? Does it scream, "I am empty and starving, please fill me with whatever you are eating?" As I have said before, I am obsessed with feeding my kid only healthy foods. I don't give him any refined sugar or fried foods. This apparently means starvation to those around me. They insist on feeding my child whatever they are eating when he is around. I spend lots of time preparing Noah's meals and I could have a full meal of vegetables, fruit, brown rice, and grilled chicken in front of him which he is thoroughly enjoying and yet someone will reach over and shove a chip or french fry in his mouth or will "accidentally" give him Sprite thinking it's water. This in turn causes me to have an internal anxiety attack as I think about how the sugar will alter the chemical balance in his body and the unhealthy oils will clog his arteries. I have to take deep breaths and tell myself to pull it together and try to discreetly remove the french fry from his mouth so as not to offend anyone. If I were to announce that I was going  to start only eating healthy foods, would they take food off their plates at every meal and put it in my mouth out of concern for my well-being? Hmmmm, maybe I should try that experiment!  I know that you are thinking I am an uptight crazy woman, but we've already established that I belong in the Nut House so I don't feel too bad about it. 


Jen Resendez said...

I hope I am like you and cook these super healthy meals for my kids so that they do not turn out like their dad who does not eat any veggies or fruit really.

Way to go...keep it up and yes, people are crazy and feel the need to do stupid things! It's not you! :)

Michelle Tim and Landen Bradley said...

hey Taleah I found this website that I thought u might be interested in it has tons of healthy baby recipes. :)