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Family Photo

Friday, July 11, 2008

Splotchy Dilemma

Okay so I am trying not to panic but I have a major dilemma on my hands. My mom's 2nd or 3rd cousin is visiting from Sweden with his girlfriend right now. They have never been here before and I have never met them. Tonight my mom is having a big family BBQ at her house and we are supposed to attend to meet these people and allow them to meet all of their extended family here in the states. The problem you ask?...well you see I have red splotchy hive like red spots all over my body. Picture a giraffe but with red spots instead of brown and that is what I look like. I broke out in hives yesterday because I had an allergic reaction to some medicine I was taking. I am one big ball of itchiness and misery. If I could be a ball of itchiness and misery by myself in my home that would be fine, but I can't...the Swedes are here! I can just imagine what they will think of their red splotchy American cousin. They will probably think that I am a Swede hater and that I am trying to infect them with a disease to take back to their country to infect all the Swedes with. Shoot! I need a solution and I need it quick! 
  What if I just wear a turtle neck and jeans and put on lots of make-up? Nope, that won't work. They'll think I escaped from the mental institution down the street since it's 100 degrees outside. Maybe I could get some of that self tanner? Then the red will be hidden by an even layer of orange! Then, I'll just look like a typical tanning obsessed American! Okay, I'm out. Gotta go get me some tanner!

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Jen Resendez said...

You are so funny! What a bummer that you have hives! Remember when we went to Miyabis and my face started to swell from hives? That was a long night!

Hope you feel better...let me know what the final outcome was! :)