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Family Photo

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Diaper Fiasco

Nope. this is not a poopy diaper post, it's about boys and diapers. Noah needed swim diapers for our outing yesterday so Ricky ran out in the morning to go get some. He came home with pink Little Mermaid girl swim diapers. He didn't know that there are boy diapers and girl diapers for swimming. Later when we arrived at the lake, I asked my brother to change Noah into his Little Mermaid swim diaper and trunks because I had my hands full with Maia. Andreas, being the awesome uncle that he is, kindly helped me out. Just as he was finishing putting Noah's trunks on, I look over and realize that he put him in a regular diaper instead of pink Little Mermaid. I call to him from the boat and let him know that he has the wrong diaper. He undresses Noah, takes off the diaper, finds the pink swim diaper and proceeds to put it on him. He stands Noah up and finishes putting the diaper on. Then I notice him inspecting the diaper, and calling to the other boys around for what looks like a second opinion. They turn Noah back and forth and finally come to a consensus that it is on backwards. He lies Noah down one more time to remove the diaper and put it on the correct way, Mermaid on the front. We all cheer for him! 
 We go out for a wake board run and when we return to our beach spot at noon, the boys set up all the food on our little table. Everyone gathers around to grab their food. I am one of the last ones to get my food, and as I go to serve myself some pasta salad, I notice Noah's wet pee diaper sitting smack dab in the middle of the table fully open with the pee side up and the pasta salad bowl sitting on top of it. Apparently when Andreas changed him out of it in the morning, he threw it on the table (open because only moms know the art of wrapping up a dirty diaper) and when the boys set up the food, no one thought of the unsanitary state of the set up with a pee diaper sitting in the middle of all the food. I quietly moved the pasta bowl and hot dog buns from on top of the diaper, picked it up, wrapped it (like moms do) and disposed of it. Boys...sheesh! 

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Jaclyn Rodgers said...

Oh man, I was laughing so hard when Andreas held Noah up, again, and realized that something still didn't look right. And it took all 6 guys to figure it out... good times!