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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Don't You Understand? I'm Sick!

Why can't I call in sick to my mommy job? Yesterday, I woke up feeling nauseous, weak, light-headed and just plain awful. I also had a really bad headache and just wanted to sleep all day, but I have 2 babies who need to be changed, fed, entertained, and disciplined. Who was going to do that if I didn't? So I reluctantly got up to do my mommy duties. I thought maybe they would understand that mommy wasn't feeling well and would be easy on me...NOPE! I tried to put both kids down for naps at the same time, but Maia refused to sleep and her crying was not helping my headache so I gave up on trying to make her fall asleep. Noah slept for about 45 minutes when he usually sleeps for 2 hours. When he got up, he decided to terrorize my house because I think he could tell that I was slower than usual and by the time I caught up to him, I didn't have the energy to punish him. I chose to brave taking them to the community pool because Noah was developing a case of Cabin Fever. I got him ready to go and packed up our stuff. Of course Maia Belle cried the entire time we were there because she didn't sleep earlier. No one else was at the pool so I ignored her and watched Noah to make sure he didn't drown. (Although if he did start to go under I don't think I'd be much help since I was starting to see stars and felt like I was going to faint at any second.)  We finished our time at the pool and headed back home. Maia fell asleep but as soon as I picked her up to take her in the house, she woke up crying. I wanted to cry with her. After lugging both kids upstairs along with all their stuff, I started having hot flashes and feeling like I was going to pass out. But, Noah was hungry and wanted his lunch. No time to rest. I put Maia Belle in her swing and made Noah's lunch. As I sat down to feed him, I layed my head on his tray. I just needed to sleep. He laughed at me and pulled my hair because he wanted me to get up and feed him. It took everything within me to lift my head. I decided to feed him fast so that I could go to sleep. I think he might have gagged a couple of times because I just kept shoving food in his mouth.  As soon as he was done, I put him in his crib and I put Maia in hers and I went straight to bed. I remembered that I hadn't brushed my teeth that morning and I considered getting up to do so, yeah right, I was way too tired. I fell asleep to the babies crying. Two hours later I woke up in a daze to crying kids. I still felt like crap and I still had 2 crying children to care for. All I wanted to do was call in sick and go back to sleep. 


Jen Resendez said...

You poor thing! What a long day I am sure it was for you!

Hope you are feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Hi Taleah, it's mama Shuler:) You poor girl!!! I hope you are feeling better. Do you ever watch Jon & Kate+8? If you have not seen it you should it might inspire you. I don't know how this women does it with two sets of multiples. If Michelle and I can ever give you a break please let us know. Hang in there it will get better with time:)