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Family Photo

Friday, February 13, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

Today is a very good day. There is nothing that could squelch my exuberance, not even my disastrous kitchen, the massive zit on my neck, or Maia's poop in my finger nail. Why? The long awaited day has finally arrived: Mid-life Crisis Man is moving out! I bid farewell to the late night revelries, the drunken yelling, the never-ending Guitar Hero, the wall-thumping music, and the obnoxious Pontiac engine revving. There will never be another letter to Mid-life Crisis Man on my blog again! (Okay, I have to admit, that made me sad for just a second, but now I am over it.) Good bye Mid-life Crisis Man. I hope that your new journey leads you to a job, sober living, and a mini-van. 


Amanda G said...

I pray a quite elderly couple moves in...or a workaholic

Tiffany said...

Celebrating over here with you...although I must say those letters to him completely cracked me up!!!!

Anonymous said...

OH HAPPY DAY!!!!!! The Shuler's

Nana said...