Family Photo

Family Photo

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Today I...

Was excited to get to sleep in because my hubby was going to handle the kids

Was very un-excited that my sleeping in was non-existent since Maia threw up all over her bed and I was the lucky one who got to clean it all up

Sniffed everything and everyone all day to find out where the lingering vomit smell was coming from. I never did find the culprit.

Did the dishes, but you would never know because my sink is full of dirty dishes again

Discovered that baby wipes are very useful for blowing your nose without making it raw

Coughed so hard I gave myself a headache

Confused my brother when I answered the phone...he thought he called the wrong number because I sounded like a man

Listened to Noah say, "I need to be wee-spet-fuu" (respectful)

 Got in the shower with my bra on


Sarah said...

You got in the shower with your bra on? hahahahaha... that was FUNNY!

duartestudios said...

I haven't been spending much time on the computer lately...on purpose..but I couldn't breathe anymore...needed a fix!...wanted to catch up on your I know why! Haaaaaaaa! I've got tears in my eyes! I have actually stepped in the shower in my bra too! Oh Im so thankful that my kids are grown...and it's you now and not me! You need more!!! It is so fun to reminisce through you!