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Monday, February 16, 2009

Biggest Loser Here I Come

I think I've reached the end of my cookie, cake, chocolate covered raisin eating days. Sad, I know. But, it's finally time to put myself on a diet or I will be the next contestant in the Biggest Loser. This weekend was a fabulously gluttonous one and 4 pounds later, though I don't regret the gluttony, I know I cannot keep it up unless I want to be subjected to Jillian using me as her personal transportation device. 
   You see Saturday night was just too good to pass up! It was Valentine's Day and we spent it with two of our best friends Eddie and Jen. Jen came up with this great idea to copy fondue recipes from the Melting Pot for appetizer and dessert and then to have filet mignon for our main course. Remember those days when you were dating first dating your husband and you would order a salad and then hardly touch it because you wanted to appear feminine and attractive and not like one of the boys who could beat him in an eating contest? Well, that was never the case with me and Ricky. On our first date, I asked if he was going to finish his food and when he said "no," I finished his plate along with mine. So, this Valentine's Day it made sense for me to be totally un-feminine and un-attractive by eating until I had to unbutton my jeans and then go back for more. The food was just too good. However, now that I am 4 pounds heavier from one meal, I am motivated to change my eating habits and maybe even actually work out so that I can squeeze back into my skinny jeans... but first I have to finish off the leftover pizza and breadsticks from last night...Oh dear...I'll go work on my audition video for the Biggest Loser now.  

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Jen resendez said...

Can I sign up too? We can do a partners video! :)