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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Army Crawlers

My kids are abnormal and I am a little confused as to why they are this way. At 9 months, my son Noah mastered the army crawl and I waited and waited for him to move on to normal know hands and knees crawling like every other kid I know? He never did. I remember reading something about kids eventually having reading disabilities if they don't crawl and since I do believe everything I read, I freaked out. I tried to have training sessions with my son to teach him to crawl like a normal kid. I developed bruises on my knees from all my crawling around the house as an example to no avail. Noah completely ignored all my training and decided to go straight from the army crawl to walking. I was devastated but I decided to be proactive about the reading thing by reading to him everyday and getting him to love books. Although he didn't mind a couple books, I think trying to read to him for an hour straight was a little much, he was not interested. I have yet to find out if the not crawling thing will affect his reading abilities, but I am continuing to be proactive and will be ordering Hooked on Phonics for him tomorrow...I am sure he will be thrilled.
  Anyways, I had really high hopes for Maia. A few weeks ago, she started to get on her hands and knees in the crawling position and rock back and forth like she was ready to go. I was so excited. For the first time ever, I was going to see one of my kids crawl like a normal kid. This past week, my high hopes have come crashing down. Maia has decided that she can get around much easier using the army crawl method. She doesn't even get on her hands and knees anymore. She just slithers on her belly all over my house and is very content to do so. It gets her where she wants to go efficiently and she is satisfied with that. (Insert sigh here)I guess I'll have to start my strict reading regiment with my daughter as well...although...I must say that there is a bright side to having abnormal army crawler children: my floors are always clean and I don't have to lift a finger. I just spray a little Clorox on the floor, place them on their bellies on a cleaning towel and taaa daaa sparkling clean floors! 

*Disclaimer for CPS: I make sure to put face masks on my kids so that they don't eat or breathe in the toxic fumes of the Clorox.  

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The 4 Moore's said...

I just want to remind you why you have this "Confussion Mama" blog. After reading this post I am laughing histarically! I have 2 kids in their cribs as we speak crying to get up and eat but I am sitting here reading this hilarious post by none other than Confession Mama herself and it has lifted my spirits for whats sure to be another long & busy day for us! SO...Thanks Taleah for never failing to make me smile/laugh! ;)