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Family Photo

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dinner and a Vacation

Last night after I put the kids to bed, I felt that I deserved to board a plane to Hawaii for a 2 week vacation without kids. Dinner was quite an event for us as both kids and mommy were sick. After finishing cooking chicken fajitas, soggy mushy rice, and microwaved beans I forced both my crying, coughing, snotty children to sit in their high chairs.  Noah insisted on eating by himself and refused to let me clean his runny nose so he had an extra salty version of dinner. I served Maia's bowl and sat down to feed her. This was unsatisfactory for Noah because he wanted Maia's chair to be as close as it possibly could get to him. To stop his blubbering and stop the fountain oozing from his nose, I pushed Maia's chair as close as I could to his and reached across the table at a sideways angle trying my best to get the food into Maia's mouth failing miserably. Most of her food ended up in her high chair or shooting across the dining room as she chose the most inconvenient times to cough. By this point, I was experiencing hot flashes, a pounding headache, and a painful cough. No time to focus on that, Noah was done and crying again because he wanted out of his chair and he'd been up for 6 hours straight which is way too long for my sleep-loving child. I made him sit for 2 minutes longer: just enough time for me to wolf down my cold dinner. After, inhaling my dinner in record time, forcing my way to Noah's nose with a wipey which threw him into a coughing fit and getting Maia out of her chair and shaking all the food off of her, I got their bath going. I must say that I am very proud of myself for even giving them baths and putting them in clean jammies because what I really wanted to do was skip baths, strip them down, and put them to bed in their diapers which would have been a lot less work. By the time we said our night time prayers and "proper" doses of Tylenol had been dished out, I was in a full cold sweat and wheezing like a 80 year old smoker with Emphysema. I wanted a game show host to appear in my living room and announce that for all my hard work, I had won a 2 week Hawaiian vacation as soon as I was well enough to take it.


Jen resendez said...

You do deserve it! That's what I have been saying! Let's go! :)

Lizzy said...

I'm going too! Not buts. =)