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Family Photo

Friday, February 20, 2009

Another Bleh Mommy Day

My house smells like a mixture of cleaning products and vomit. I am ever so grateful to my cleaning lady for the cleaning product smell. It is so nice to walk into a spotless, dust free, tidy house. What is not so nice is to take a 20 minute drive home with a crying sick baby and get home and admire my nice clean house and then have my crying sick child throw up all over me and my spotless kitchen, scrubbed floors, and vacuumed carpet. I've decided that it's moments like these that make me a mommy. I am sure every mom out there has a vomit story like this and I am sure I will have many more. Today, rather than finding the humor in it, I just wanted to sit down in the nastiness and cry with Maia. I too am sick and feel awful and yet here I am cleaning up puke off my newly cleaned house and off my baby (I don't get the luxury of cleaning myself off) and comforting her and rocking her to sleep. That is what you sign up for when you have children...Okay, time to go take a shower, I cannot handle the puke smell on myself anymore...Yes, you read that right. I blogged about the situation before I changed my vomit clothes. Blogging is very important you know...


Lizzy said...

I was in L.A. visiting my parents for the weekend and we decided to have lunch in a nice Diner in Marina Del Rey...My child must of been jet lagged from our flight from Houston; we were ordering when he did that PROJECTILE VOMITTING that we all dread! It got all over the table, floor, us and sprinkled the server. =P

duartestudios said...

Thank you for making us a priority over your puke problems! You truly are selfless! PS I know I'm a lot late...but I do hope you don't sound like Marge Simpson's sisters anymore and are all feeling way better now!