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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

25 Random Things

I've been tagged by quite a few people on Facebook to do this but I decided to use it as a blog instead since I don't have anything to write about today besides a bratty little boy who got spanked twice and put into time out twice in one day! Here goes nothing...

1. I love food. All kinds of food. I am not picky and will try just about anything.
2. I want to be a Yoga Master some day and teach yoga classes and be calm all the time.
3. I also have this secret desire to be an esthetician.
4. I read my own blogs all the time and critique my writing. 
5. I am in the very beginning stages of writing a book with Chuck Booher
6. I love to read but I get really into the books I am reading and I get the story mixed up with my real life. I also neglect my kids and my hygiene when reading a book. 
7. I got my first spray tan ever on Friday and I smelled like urine for 2 days straight. That mystic spray stuff stinks! 
8. I am obsessed with parenting. I have very strong opinions on parenting but I am also like a sponge when it comes to parenting advice. 
9. I grew up thinking my family was perfect and I recently got a very tough reality check revealing that we were in fact very imperfect.
10. I was extremely athletic growing up and even played college basketball for 1 semester. I also played softball, soccer, volleyball, ran track, and was on a swim team. Oh and I completed a sprint triathlon and hope to do another one this year. 
11. It makes me sad that I only have 15 followers. Sometimes I have pity parties for myself because I want to have more followers! 
12. I really think that God forgot to give me rhythm when he made me and I have had multiple conversations with Him letting Him know how much that upsets me. I just want to dance!
13. I once was in the same recording studio as Bone Thugs and Harmony and had to be hidden in a back room because I would have been seen as "fresh meat." That scared me right out of the music business! 
14. I think my husband is the greatest and hottest husband and father in the whole world...apparently all of the bridesmaids in my brother's wedding thought so too! Ha ha girls, he's all mine!!!  
15. Ricky is better at packing the kids' diaper bags than I am. I always forget wipes, bottles, or someone's food, he never forgets anything.
16. I have been pregnant 4 times. I've miscarried twice. 
17. I secretly hope that my next pregnancy is twins. Shhh don't tell anyone! I know you think I am crazy but think about's like a two for one deal! I only have to be pregnant one more time and I get two babies out of it and then I am done.
18. I really want to home school my kids. 
19.  I am not fond of pets, particularly dogs...I have been known to kick 2 dogs in my lifetime because they pissed me off. 
20. In high school when I played basketball, I was known to be somewhat of a bruiser. I enjoyed knocking girls down...there is even video footage of it somewhere.
21. I love whipped cream especially on my coffee drinks.
22. I hate cleaning but I hate a dirty solution? The cleaning lady.
23. Credit cards stress me out so I don't use them. If I do, I go home right away and pay the balance online. 
24. When my kids are in the car, I spend most of my drive time facing the back seat. It is a miracle that I have not been in an accident yet (knocking on wood now). 
25. I have to watch the Biggest Loser while eating something extremely unhealthy. Tonight it is chocolate covered raisins with a glass of milk with 1 ice cube in it. 

I think that is 25 things and I need to go get inspired to stop eating unhealthy foods by Jillian and Bob. I am off to eat some chocolate and get inspired. 


Sarah said...

I watched Biggest Loser while eating cheesecake last night.:) I'm right there with ya.
Loved your list!

Tiffany said...

I loved reading your list..and your blog! You crack me up! Love it!

Rachel Slagle said...

it was fun to read your list :) and i would love to have twins too!

Nana said...

Yes my dear, we are all imperfect, that is why we need grace and Jesus!

Love you,

Lizzy said...

I ony have two followers!!!! Anyone wanna follow??? Hahahaha

At work I have a thing with twins...I always get to scrub those sections! So you might wanna visit me at Kaiser Irvine whenever you get a chance ;). LOL

Bridget said...

Love reading your blog and learning more about you...your so funny!!!
~what's the book about your writing. and when do you find time for that?
~yeah for homeschooling..I'll help!
~twins! You could do practically have twins now:)

Amanda G said...


You are amazing! I love getting to know you through your blog. Yes, you should have twins. You are a great mom. mom did for 25 years. She can answer any question you may have! Thank you for making me laugh and cry~
Your blog blesses me~