Family Photo

Family Photo

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Noah's costume lasted as long as it took to take one picture! He looked so cute but wanted the Elmo head "osss." Maia was not too happy to be my little chicken and I decided that Halloween at this age is much more of a hassle then it is fun. My kids don't know or care about the candy nor were they very interested in the other costumed kids. And they both were hot and upset at me for making them keep their costumes on! But I wanted everyone to see how cute my kids were in their costumes that I made them suffer and spent the entire night having to deal with whiny very hot children who probably thought I was crazy for making them go around and say trick-or-treat for a bunch of "yuckies." 

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Sarah N. said...

Oh how cute! I love Noah in the Elmo costume! Too bad it wasn't cooler outside. The things we do to show other people our kids! :-)