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Family Photo

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ricky's Purse

I'm really not into man purses but today my son broadened my views on the "murse" (man-purse).  This morning Ricky was getting ready to go dirt-bike riding with his brothers. He loaded up his massive dirt-covered (equivalent to a medium suitcase) dirt-bike riding gear bag with his boots, pants, shirt, helmet, and protective gear and lugged it down stairs and into his big manly truck. Upon his return upstairs, Noah who was waiting for him at the top of the stairs with a puzzled look on his face, threw out his arms in a questioning manner and asked "Whey is daddy's purse?" I couldn't help but burst out in uncontrollable laughter which caused my husband to shoot me a murderous glance and tell me he was going to kill me for telling my son that his macho dirt bike bag was a purse. I was laughing too hard to respond but once I gathered myself, I assured him that I did not tell our son that daddy has a purse. In Noah's little mind he figured that the bag that Mama carries on her shoulder is her purse so the bag that daddy carries on his shoulder must be his purse. Duh! It makes logical sense daddy! Maybe I can embroider the letters LV on it and make it a fake Louis Vuitton. Hmmmm...I might be onto something. I think the dirt-biking crowd would totally buy into my "murse" idea. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to get to work on my idea before one of you tries to steal it.


Pamee said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I can't STOP laughing at this... Poor Ricky!!!

Bridget said...

Noah is so smart! murse, I've never heard that. LOL (I'm using this on Justin) haha
Thanks again for the tickets!

SabbyAnn said...

Great blog! I added you to my blogroll.