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Family Photo

Friday, November 14, 2008


I've had quite an eventful morning so far. Kids make life very entertaining. My life must have been very boring and sanitary before kids, but I really don't remember. 
As those of you who are mommies know, going to the bathroom is a group event. This morning Noah followed me as usual into the bathroom saying "mama pee pee." I can always count on my son for a play by play. As I grabbed the toilet paper Noah says "paper" (he sounds French when he says this word) and "wipe" and grabs for some toilet paper himself. I let him have a square and he wants to throw it in the toilet so I get up and tell him to throw it in...surprise, surprise, another rookie mom move by yours truly. My son throws the paper along with his hand into the pee-filled toilet. I scream and grab his arm to immediately stop him from contaminating anything especially his mouth. Of course the bathroom sink has Maia's bath tub and toys in it so I can't wash his hands there. I lift him with my free arm and shuffle my way (pants still around my knees) to the kitchen sink as Noah shouts, "Yucky, yucky, wash it!" I pour the entire bottle of soap onto his little hand and proceed to burn him with the extremely hot water to make sure I kill all the germs...okay I didn't really burn him, but he thought the water was hot. I scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed and finally rinsed and dried him off. I think I might have reacted a little strongly because he was scared of his own hand for the rest of the morning. Oh well, hopefully I scared him enough so that he won't ever stick his hand in the toilet again! 


Joy said...

That is hilarous!! Thanks for a good laugh. Shealyn loves to follow me in the bathroom and go through the cuboards and get toilet paper. Her favorite thing though is to put her hand in the discusting water bowl for the dogs. I equally freak out, so don't feel too bad :)

Jennifer D. said...

LOL!!I thought I was the only one that happened to!Your not alone, Jack has done the same thing! He also likes to help with the paper and throw it in the toilet when I'm done, and then he stands there and waves "bye-bye" to the pee!! It must be a boy thing:)

catpeltier said...

Hi Taleah (not sure of sp, sorry)...I'm Sarah (Neuenschwander) and Jeremy Peltier's probably don't remember me...just my kids...which is o.k....once you become a wife and mom, you are always so and so's wife or mom...that's not a complaint...just a fact of wife and motherhood! I just wanted you to tell how much I enjoy your blog...your funny and your many stories make me laugh and brings back so many memories of raising my own children! You are a great mom and keep up the great work! Thanks for sharing and making all your readers takes a special someone to find humor in what they do! P.S...I hate to the bearer of bad news...this toilet water experience will not be your last! Blessings...Cathy

Kristi P said...

mmmmm hhhmmmmm!