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Family Photo

Friday, November 14, 2008

My Wo-wah

This is my little man! He calls himself "Wo-wah" and talks in the third person unless he gets really excited about doing something by himself, then he says "I did it." He has such a tender heart already and loves all three sets of grandparents ("Guck" and "Bup" are the third set) and all his aunts and uncles to pieces. My heart is so thankful that my little boy is surrounded by so much love. Although, he has whining issues and on rare occasion selective hearing, overall he is good boy. He is very clever and observant listening to everything that people say around him and surprising us by repeating things weeks after hearing them. For example, his favorite song is "Undignified" by David Crowder which he calls "Ya Ya." A couple of week ago, after listening to the "Ya Ya" song twenty times in a row, I tell him that we are going to listen to song #2 instead to give myself a break from the monotony. Then, yesterday on our way home, he asks for "Ya Ya." I tell him that mommy does not want to listen to the "Ya Ya" song right now and he says, "Song number 2?" I was shocked that he remembered and I put on song #2 for my little genius! He tries really hard to put phrases together and makes me feel like I have a pet parrot repeating everything that comes out of my mouth. Upon hearing him repeat the words "crap" and "stupid," I've made mental notes to clean up my potty mouth. 
  He loves his baby sister and makes sure she never gets left behind when we go anywhere! He also is protective of her and gets a little uncomfortable when people he does not know hold her. He loves to hang out with her in her crib and make her laugh. We are working on his tendencies to steal her toys from her and eat her food. 
 I am so thankful for my little curly-haired cherub and I love him so very much. I pray that he will grow up to be very secure in who he is in the Lord and will not feel the need to be like the world. I pray that God will be very real to him and that he falls in love with Jesus like I have. I ask God to protect him from harm and to give me the wisdom to raise my little boy to be a man of God who will lead his own family some day. I pray for God to use my Noah in a mighty way to change people's lives. He has already brought so much joy to those closest to him and I pray that he will continue to do so to many others throughout his life. Thank you Lord for my precious Wo-wah. 

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Chuck said...

Noah truly is an amazing person with an amazing heart. His voice and hugs are magical; they transform any moment into one of incredible joy. Thank God for Noah!