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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Prune Juice Wisdom

My children have issues with constipation. I know that they will be pretty embarrassed when they get older and find out that I talked about their poop issues on my blog. Anyways, this past week, I have felt like a horrible mother as I've watched them both grunt, push, turn red, and make the most painful faces as they try to poop. Yesterday, I decided that I had to do something drastic...So Ricky and I went to the market and cleared it of baby food prunes and bought some "no sugar added" prune juice and a nifty new sippy cup for Noah to make it exciting for him to drink the nasty stuff. In the parking lot of the market, I opened Noah's new sippy cup and poured the prune juice in it along with some water and gave it to him. I thought I was going to have battle on my hands to get him to drink it but to my surprise, he downed it, and asked for more "goose" as soon as we got home. So, I refilled his cup. Then, my husband got to work on Maia sitting her in her chair and feeding her the baby food prunes despite her disgusted faces. We were both determined to cure our kids' constipation.
  Maia's remedy proved to be a complete failure. She nearly popped the veins in her neck pushing later that day, but Noah...well...let's just say I probably should not have given him two glasses full of prune juice. I went to take a quick nap and of course as soon as I fell asleep Noah woke up from his nap. I heard Ricky get him and take him to the living room to play. About five minutes later I hear Ricky freaking out and Noah starting to cry hysterically. Noah comes to my room crying and Ricky is yelling at him to stop moving. I come out of my room and Ricky yells "look at your son's socks." I look...they both contain brown stains and I can see brown liquid running down the inside of both his legs. I put my gag reflex in check and put my "Phased by Nothing Mom Face" on and went to work on removing the poop stained socks and shorts and the overflowing diaper which was holding way too much poop for a nineteen month old kid to have in his body at one time. Although I did end up with some on my hand, I kept my cool and tried to calm my son and let him know that mommy will never try one of her bright ideas on him again. I spent the rest of the afternoon, disinfecting my carpet, Noah's clothes, and the changing table and asking myself what I was thinking giving my son two glasses of prune juice. Another "Rookie Mom" move for Taleah. 


Jen Resendez said...

Hey...look on the bright side. He is no longer constipated! That was your goal right? :)

Tiffany said...

I have done this too. Hehe....and you HAVE to have your mom face on. As for Dan...he would completely gag just reading your story. He can't even handle regular poop. Just ask his own mother. =)

Glad he is not constipated. Now if only poor Maia could have the same relief...