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Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Excessive Pee-er

I have a son pees way too much. Lately he has been peeing through his diapers and last night he peed so much that his nighttime diaper exploded. So, we had to change his sheets and clean off all of those little crystals (the stuff that is supposed to soak up the pee) off of the poor kid. What a mess! Yesterday, "Bup" said he peed through two of his diapers and Noah let her know that he was a little disturbed that his shorts were wet. Now the question is: What is the solution to the problem?
1.) Stop giving him liquids altogether. He does drink a lot of water. CPS alert! They would come take him away for sure if I dehydrated my child for the purpose of keeping him dry.
2.) Put him in adult diapers. Are Depends more expensive than baby diapers?
3.) Potty Train him...this might drive me into the insane asylum.

Oh dear! What am I supposed to do?


Jennifer D. said...

They sell those double diaper inserts at Babies 'r' us, those might help? Good luck:)

Jennifer Lynch said...

Maybe you could also try those overnight pull up diapers they have for bigger kids. That's what we did for Malachi when he went through this. It was just a stage for us, so I'm praying it's the same for you. Maybe you could even put one of the overnight pullups over his normal diaper? He might look a little rotund, but at least he's dry!

Michelle Tim and Landen Bradley said...

I would cut down his water intake. Babies are only supposed to get a certain amount. I jusr googles the amount heres a link Hope it helps!

Tiffany said...

Hmmmm Madi had this problem. I have her sleep in nighttime diapers and that seemed to work really well. We have started potty training and it does make you go insane. I'm sorry. You might just have to change him a little more instead of every 2 to three hours try every hour. And perhaps limit how much liquid he gets throughout the day. It is a good sign means he isn't dehydrated! It would just be nice to have to not clean up your sheets every night!