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Family Photo

Monday, August 11, 2008

So Far This Morning...

My kitchen got infested with ants and I had to do some much needed deep cleaning

I gave Noah the little broom and dust pan to keep him busy while I cleaned. After about 3 minutes I realized he was no longer in the kitchen. I went looking for him and found him tasting the broom bristles. I tried not to think about how many dust particles, dead bugs, and old food I had swept up with those bristles. 

We went on the fastest family grocery store trip possible. 30 minutes flat. We forgot to get half of the things we needed but still spent the entire budgeted amount. How does this happen? 

Noah has eaten about 100 blueberries and I swear that his poop will be blue. 

I actually got to do one load of my own laundry. This means I will actually get to wear clean clothes this week instead of dirty ones that I keep having to pull out of the hamper for the last 3 weeks. 

I finally have a moment to go take a shower and instead I am blogging....gotta go!!! 

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