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Family Photo

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Queen For a Day!

Oh my gosh! I am giddy with excitement. I can barely keep my fingers on the keyboard! Remember my post To Cut or Not to Cut? Well, the question has now been answered in the coolest way ever! My friend Tiffany over at has a sister who does hair for the stars...yeah, the Hollywood ones. Anyways, she needed a hair model who wants a change in style. I thought hey that's me! So, I volunteered. I really don't know why she has to do this, but I don't even care. All I know is that I am going to Jose Eber's salon tomorrow to get a way -too -expensive- for- my -bones -haircut for FREE! A friend of mine got her haircut in Beverly Hills last year and paid $500! Can you believe that? Never in my lifetime would I pay that kind of money! I have trouble forking over $25. Obviously I don't belong in Beverly Hills but who cares? I am bringing good ol' Chino to Beverly Hills tomorrow....Um, what should I wear. I don't have any clothes worthy of Beverly Hills. Oh and what about my toes? How can I go to Beverly Hills with a 2 month old pedicure? And my unibrow, I am sure no one in Beverly Hills walks around with a unibrow. I obviously have a lot of work to do so I can make myself presentable for the paparazzi...what?...the paparazzi won't care what I look like?...why not?...I will be walking out of Jose Eber's salon with a schnazzy new do!!!


Jen Resendez said...

I am so excited for you! I can not wait to see what hair cut you leave with! Yeah! Post pictures so I can see!

Tiffany said...

I am so glad this worked out!!! You are going to love Sheena!!! She does amazing stuff! And yea for free! Have fun and post pictures!