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Family Photo

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I'm Sick of Smelling Bad

On Tuesday it was sour breast milk and today it is pee. Yup, that's right today I smell like pee. Why? Well that's because I brought Maia Belle with me to church this morning and was standing in the back of the church service holding her and trying to get her to fall asleep. She was getting fussy so I took her out to calm her down and decided to go change her diaper. When I finished changing her and was headed out the bathroom, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Lo and behold! The entire front of my shirt was soaked! I looked to see if my boobs were leaking. Nope. Then I tried to remember if I was drinking anything. Nope. Then I did the sniff test. Ding ding ding! It was pee! I guess I didn't feel it because I had another shirt on underneath. Aren't diapers supposed to absorb the pee? Usually I could blame myself for leaving her in the diaper too long (I often forget) but this time that was not the case. What the heck was I supposed to do? I still had to be there for another 3 hours which meant I was just going to have to deal with smelling like pee. I am a little tired of smelling unpleasant and would like to smell nice for a whole day but I must come to grips with the impossibilty of that until my kids are grown and out of the house...wait...then I will smell like old lady and that is not pleasant either. Oh man!


Jen Resendez said...

Oh the joys of parenting huh? Can 't wait for things such as this when I become a mom! :)

Sarah said...

I think that's why Bath & Body Works started making their body sprays in the clever little purse-sized sizes.

:) Ick.

I share your funky smells, sistah!!