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Family Photo

Friday, August 8, 2008

I'm an Addict

Why did I do it? Why did I give in and start a Facebook profile? I am addicted to my computer as it is. I spend way too much time blogging and reading blogs, emailing, and myspacing. Do I really need something else to add to my computer activities? How am I supposed to change diapers, soothe crying children, cook for my family, care for my husband, go to work, shower and brush my teeth when all I want to do is play on my computer? If you see me around and I look haggard and smelly, it's because I'd rather spend my time facebooking or blogging rather than taking care of myself. Is there a support group for this kind of addiction?  I think maybe I should start one...good idea. We'll hold our meetings via facebook wall-to-wall. 

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Pamee said...

AMEN!!!! =) WHY do we do this??? I am right there with you... it used to be scrapbooking... so I guess I am addicted to WHATEVER I get into - YIKES!