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Family Photo

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I Did It!

You may not think this is that big of a deal, but it is a HUGE deal to me! I finally went through a drive thru for the first time in Big Mama! For those of you who don't know who Big Mama is, she is my big massive truck who I have trouble maneuvering and refuse to take through a drive thru for fear of getting stuck or driving through the actual restaurant.

Today I was super hungry. I felt like a bottomless pit because even after finishing my lunch at work I was still hungry. So, I decided to go get myself something else to eat but I needed to be quick because I had to get back to my office to pump by 2. I decided to get a burrito from a place called Miguel's. My original plan was to park Big Mama and run inside but then I remembered how compact their parking lot is and decided to brave the drive thru because it posed less of a threat to Big Mama. As I pulled up to the restaurant, there was a long line of cars and I had to just sit at the end of the line and visualize my myself driving Big Mama over the curb and getting stuck in the drive thru line with a bunch of hungry people behind me pissed off. I was snapped out of my day dream by loud honking behind me.  I pulled up to the speaker and ordered my food with a shaky voice. My palms were sweaty and my heart was pounding as I approached the curve to get to the food window. I remembered my husband's instructions to take the turn wide, so I did. SHOOT! I hit the curb with my right tire. I told myself to calm down and just let the tire rub up against the curb and pulled forward to the sound of rubber scraping. But now I was too far from the food window. I felt like the biggest idiot as I leaned half of my body out the car window to pay for my food. I noticed two of the guys working there look at each other and laugh. I just know they were laughing at me and my inability to drive my truck properly. Finally, I got my food, drove away, and felt a strange sense of accomplishment despite my clumsiness. My first drive thru experience was a success minus a pulled muscle in my back from leaning so far out the window I almost fell out of the car and a few little scratches on the rim of Big Mama from the curb. 


Jen Resendez said... crack me up! Good job though. It really is a challenge to maneuver big cars and your truck is huge!

Neuenschwanders said...

Thanks for the comic relief! I'm going to be "spying" on your blog from now on cause you make me laugh... I hope you don't mind.. I need as many laughs I can get in my hectic life!