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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Crazy Crack Lady

Last night at 12:30 a.m. I was startled out of my deep slumber by loud obnoxious pounding on my front door. My husband and I jumped out of bed, stared at each other for a minute, then asked at the same time, "What the heck?" The thumping got louder and he quietly walked to the door as I hid behind a wall at the top of the stairs. He looked through the peep hole and whispered up to me that it was a skinny crack addict looking lady

Ricky: (yelling through the door) "Who is it?"
Crack Lady: (Wildly pounding)"Open the f****n door."

At this point, I saw Ricky go for the lock as if to unlock it and open the door. I jumped out from my hiding place and hissed loudly, "Don't open it, are you crazy?" He realized that could be disastrous and decided to heed my hissing and keep yelling through the door. 

Ricky: "Who are you looking for?" 
Crack Lady: "I know who you are. Open the f****n door. You bought a whole bunch of drugs from Albert Medina. Open the door."
Ricky: "'ve got the wrong house. I didn't buy any drugs. Go away." 
Crack Lady: "Well then your girlfriend or some one in your house did. (Pounding) Open the f****n door" 
Me: (once again hissing from my hiding place) "Tell her we're calling the cops." 
Ricky: "I am calling the cops right now. You better leave."
Crack Lady: "I don't have the wrong house. Open the door. I know you bought a bunch of drugs" 

At this point it sounded like she had left and I was in the process of calling 911 who transferred me 3 times to different people. Finally when I got to talk to someone. I told the lady what was going on and here was her non- chalant response "Oh that lady? We've already sent someone out there because of her earlier. (Sigh) I'll send someone out for her again. Bye" 
What?! They had sent someone out for her earlier and they didn't take her to jail? Do they just let crazy crack whores (excuse my language but I lost a lot of sleep over this and was a little distraught) roam the streets of Chino pounding on people's doors in the middle of the night trying to get them to open the door so they can barge in with their posse and rob people? (That may be a little exaggerated but that is what I decided she was going to do.) I couldn't believe it. I lied in bed the rest of the night awake and freaking out thinking of all the horrible possibilities that could have happened. The cops never showed up. But, I did see a man in a mini-van pick the lady up from our alley way. At least I knew she was gone...and so was her posse. 
  The moral of the story, you ask? There is none. I just wanted to tell my scary story. 


Jen Resendez said...

You poor thing! Freaking crazy crack lady!

Bridget said...

Taleah I know it's hard taking care of two little ones and you need all the energy you can get but don't turn to (scary!) Ricky is too nice just ready to open the door haha..

Sarah said...

AAAAHHHH! Yikes! Yeah! Sheesh.



(sorry for all the comments tonight! I haven't been on the computer for awhile!)