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Family Photo

Monday, August 25, 2008

Jose Eber Stood Me Up

I don't really want to talk about it, but maybe if I do, I'll feel better. I was stood up today by Jose Eber himself. I was supposed to be a hair model today and I drove all the way down to Beverly Hills to get my hair cut and styled in the famous Jose Eber salon. I woke up this morning like a child on Christmas. I arrived at Jose Eber's salon and tried to my best not to make a fool of myself by revealing my excitement. I was directed up to the VIP room and the girl who was going to be cutting my hair met me in there and we discussed my hair cut. Then a lady called her out of the room. When she came back I could tell something was wrong. She informed me that Jose Eber would not be coming and she would not be able to cut my hair. What?! I drove all the way down here, spent $30 in gas money, got my eyebrows threaded, changed my clothes 15 times, and wore extremely uncomfortable heels to be stood up by Jose Eber?! Imagine a child waking up on Christmas morning running down stairs anticipating all the presents Santa left for her and as she rounds the corner, she sees that he left her absolutely nothing. Yup, that pretty much describes my moment. It sucked. I felt bad for the stylist because it wasn't her fault. She drove all the way out there for nothing too. So, I kept my cool and played it off like it was no big deal but I went straight home and ate a gallon of ice cream and tried to convince myself that I am just meant to have long stringy hair forever. 

 Sorry for the scary picture. I was trying to capture my disappointment. Can you see it? 


Sarah said...

I'm so sorry Taleah. Grrr! That IS disappointing! I wanted to see what a Beverly Hills hair cut even LOOKS like!!
Well, at least you have great eyebrows now. And for a few minutes you felt like you were going to be glamorous! :)

Jen Resendez said...

What a bummer! I am sorry, I would have been so disappointed too. It doesn't mean you are supposed to have long hair though! I say you still chop it off! :)

Pamee said...

I am so bummed for you.... but, I have to say... that picture of you there... looks a little like Jessica Alba!! HAHA!! So... even when you are so bummed out... you LOOK beautiful!! HAHA!!

Tiffany said...

I am so sorry! My sister told me what happened and she was so embarrassed. She felt horrible.

You still look gorgeous. And I agree with totally look like Jessica Alba. Rock it mama!

bre said...

Oh my gosh, I want to cry for you T!!! That just stinks, but I have to agree with everyone, you are still one HOT mama! Did you atleast get to reschedule?

Bridget said...

ahhh! I was checking your blog to see your new cut and so sad to see this post:( I'm sorry! I'm no beverly hills but your welcome to come to my kitchen with 5 screaming kids. How's tomorrow?? I feel so bad for you. oh and that picture you do look like jessica alba haha so I can't feel that bad for you:)