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Family Photo

Thursday, August 7, 2008


I was grating cheese tonight for dinner and grated my nail into the cheese on accident. I didn't bother looking for it.

I didn't bother going to the doctor right after my Brown Recluse spider bite because I am too cheap. I didn't want to pay for the $30 co-pay and the gas money. 

I let Noah eat food that he has dropped on the floor. I try to get as much of the lint and hair off of it as possible before he puts it in his mouth though.

I get super grossed out to the point of gagging when people put their fingers in Maia's mouth. (Ironic, considering the last confession)

I enjoy picking Maia's boogers out of her nose. 

I really wish that Mid Life Crisis man would get his car re-po'd (You would too, if you had to hear him rev his engine 20 times a day and blast his music so that all of Chino can hear it)

I worry that people will think that I have a potty mouth because of my son's un-refined language skills. Repeating words such as "sit" and "clock" sound offensive when they exit my son's mouth.

I had a moment today where I missed being pregnant. Call me crazy, but I found myself excited to think about being pregnant again in a couple of years.

I broke the law and put my daughter in danger, not once, but three times on the way to and from Mammoth. She was crying so loudly that I took her out of her car seat while we were driving and fed her. I had my Hooter Hider on so that should we pull up next to a cop, they wouldn't be able to tell that I had a baby under there. Noah didn't seem to understand the purpose of the Hooter Hider and kept lifting it saying "There she is!"  

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Pamee said...

OH MY! I didn't know you were bit by THAT spider!! I am so glad you are OK!! That HAD to hurt!!!