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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What a Mess

So, I never post from work, but this morning I have to in order to unwind and de-fluster myself. Well, I have been wanting to hire someone to clean my house for awhile now but I had a few hang ups about it...1.) My house is like a shoebox, really tiny, and I didn't want the cleaning lady to think I was super lazy and couldn't clean my own house 2.) If I was going to pay someone to clean my shoebox, I wanted them to be super thorough and make it worth my while. Number 1 was solved by me being okay with the fact that the lady was going to label me as lazy, I can handle the blow. Number 2 was solved when my friend Jen told me that her cleaning lady scrubs the baseboards. Yesterday, I took the plunge, called the lady, and asked her to come over my house this morning at 8 to clean. Then, I went into a cleaning frenzy after putting the kids to bed. I barked orders to Ricky, and went crazy shoving stuff in closets, throwing stuff away, and launching anything in my path in the hamper. You always have to clean before the cleaning lady comes right?
This morning, my mom came to pick up the kids and the cleaning lady was running late so my mom said she would stick around to wait for her so I wouldn't be late to work. I let her know where the Clorox spray was in case the lady needed it and left for work fantasizing about my immaculate house. About 20 minutes later, my mom calls asking where the Windex is...I don't know...I don't think I have Windex! She calls again 3 minutes later asking where the Swiffer wipes are...I don't think we have any. She calls again, 2 minutes later letting me know that the cleaning lady is giving her a list of cleaning supplies to go get at the market! Of course this would happen to me, why wouldn't it?! My poor mother had to pack up my two kids and go to the market and return with cleaning supplies. Upon her return, she calls to ask me where I keep my cleaning rags, I can hear both kids screaming in the background. I tell her to grab any towel she can find. At this point my fear of the cleaning lady thinking I would be lazy is the least of my worries. I now know that she is afraid to be in my contaminated house that has probably never been properly cleaned and probably wonders if I even shower with shampoo and soap. Also, I feel horrible that my mother had to shuttle my kids to and from the market and go on a scavenger hunt through my house when all she was planning to do was let the lady in the house and show her where the Clorox spray was! I think God allows this stuff to happen to me so He can giggle and I can blog!


Jen Resendez said...


I am so sorry. I take responsibility. I should have told you to be prepared! I am SOOOOO sorry!

How did she do? Did you like her work?

Anonymous said...

Taleah, mama Shuler. I have a cleaning lady coming on Monday and I have been cleaning like crazy to get ready for her. Everyone in my house thinks I'm CRAZY!!! Were you happy with the end results?? I sure hope you were, you deserve it:)

Anonymous said...

Hey Taleah its melissa Acosta...your blog is soo makes me laugh there is so much truth in alot of what you say about being a mom!! hehehee but the whole cleaning lady thing that is ridiculous...we have a lady that comes (rafina) It is like christmas morning every other wednesday when she comes....when we walk in the door our house feels new and smells soo clean...we dont buy any supplies for her she brings them all...You shouldnt have to supply the cleaning lady with supplies that is what you pay her to worry about.....let me know if you want the number of our lady she is amazing a bunch of CHINO PD officers use her :)

Nana said...

It wasn't so bad going to the store to get the supplies. Noah loved being in the shopping cart and looking at all the Halloween displays and balloons. Maia was happy because she just finished eating and liked the balloons too! It was a quick visit and I was so proud of them. They only started crying when I called you about the towels because they were sitting in the car and getting bored. I couldn't believe you were out of everything. Not a drop of windex left in the bottle. Ha ha ha..I had a great rest of the day with the kids. I wish I could do it more often.

Love you,
Mom (Nana)

Bridget said...

Don't worry my cleaning lady knows i'm lazy. I leave her dishes in the sink with an extra $5 next to the sink with a note saying thank you. I've had her for 6 years, she's cheap and she supplies everything. Enjoy your clean house you deserve it!