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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Detox/ Hell Began Today

I hesitate to even write this post because then I will have people keeping me accountable. I'd rather just keep this to myself so that I won't feel pressured, but maybe if I write about I'll be more likely to stick to it...Oh dear...Okay, here it goes...No, I am not a closet alcoholic or drug addict...I am a sugarholic. Yesterday, Ricky got all inspired by his health nut brother and suckered me into going on the Sugar Busters diet with him. I know that it would only be a matter of time before I'd have to give up eating chocolate chip cookies every night...yeah, you read that right EVERY night...The Biggest Loser chocolate chip cookie night has now stretched itself out to every night of the week. My eating habits have gotten to the point of ridiculousness and I knew it was time to make a change. Last week alone, I had a Carmel Macchiato 5 times, chocolate chip cookies every night, a Butterfinger Dairy Queen Blizzard once, a slice of cheesecake, and lots of Halloween candy. It's no wonder that I feel like crap so often and always want to take a nap. I am a sugar fiend. 
  This week all of that changes. I can no longer have sugar and the mere thought of that is  making me break out in a cold sweat and giving me the shivers. All I want right now is some cookies!!! 
  Today, I spent way too much money at Trader Joe's and Henry's so that we were stocked up on healthy food and had no money left in the bank to spend on the our 10 p.m. sugar cravings. It was a good strategy and I hope it works. At this moment, I am contemplating getting a secret credit card for secret desserts but I hope that urge will pass soon. 
 This new leaf that we are turning is also a good thing for us as parents. Right now, we make Noah eat super healthy and when we are eating french fries or cookies and he asks for some we tell him it's "yucky" and he can't have any. This makes me both a liar and a hypocrite. Now, I can stop feeling guilty and will be able to share all that I eat with my son. Wish me luck and pray for me this week. When I did this before, I really felt as though I was detoxing from a drug addiction. 


Anonymous said...

I am going to start by saying sorry... my husband would be the culprit but he is a great role model. My words of encouragement for the day is that I am 100% amazed with the change in Chris' energy level. He was never shy about taking his mid day nap and I was never shy about letting him because he was a nightmare without it but now, more often than not, he skips the nap because he does not need it. Hopefully you can find that same energy because as parents of two little cuties I know you need it! I would be right there with you if it was not for the worst drug dealer of all, Starbucks, they are my nemesis but I am still not at the point where I can let go. My other nemesis (Diet DP) has lessened its grips but Starbucks seems to have a strong magnet and sucks my Suburban in way to often! GOOD LUCK!!!

Tiffany said...

Good luck!!!! I have started on my organic/healthy eating kick so you won't be alone. Perhaps when we start going into convulsions due to the lack of sugar in our system we can share stories! LOL. Praying for you!

Lisa Beaudry said...

Oh my Taleah...I am glad you recognize it for what it is: DETOX. That is why I avoid it as if it were the plague. But then, that is why you are slim and I am huge.

Love you and I will pray for you...