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Family Photo

Monday, October 6, 2008

I Refuse to Starve My Child

Yesterday, I was at church and Pam (my kids' surrogate Grandma a.k.a. Bup) was holding Maia. After service, like usual, people came up to ooh and aah over her mostly because the Pastor's Wife was holding her. Then, they began to ask how old she was, when I said almost 5 months, the people exclaimed "Oh wow! She is tiny! I thought she was about 9 weeks."  After hearing three different people say that, I began to develop a complex. Am I starving my kid? Maybe I don't make enough milk for her. Oh my gosh what if her brain is not developing correctly and it's all my fault? My daughter is being malnourished!  I determined that when I got home, I would begin feeding my daughter cereal. I didn't care care that my doctor said to wait until she was 6 months old. I didn't care that Maia is probably not ready for solid foods. I was not about to give CPS another reason to pay me a visit. 
  When we got home, I took off Maia's clothes, placed her in her Bumbo and began the messy process. She had a really hard time keeping the substance in her mouth and kind of looked at me like I was crazy, but I was persistent and didn't let her out of the Bumbo until she finished all  her cereal. Never mind the gagging, and disgusted faces, she needed to be fattened up. Here are some pictures...she liked it...really...can't you tell?


Jen Resendez said...

these pictures are hilarious! Taleah, you crack me up! You are a great mom. Don't worry about what other people say..I am sure easier said than done.

Karen said...

My son was exactly like that. He never did (and still doesn't!) eat very much.

It used to worry me to death. But when I asked his doctor about it, he just patted me on the back and said, "Don't worry. It's not in a baby's nature to starve him/herself."

She's doing just fine. Perhaps she's little because she's supposed to be little - petite, even.

Relax and take what other people tell you with a grain of salt - they mean well, but don't really know what they're talking about.

She's a sweet baby doll, by the way.

Write From Karen

Pamee said...

HAHAHA!! YOU are too funny!! Maia is PERFECT!!! YOU are doing a GREAT job!! I may be a little biased tho =) I really do think she is PERFECT!!!!

Jeana Hurst said...

Hey....I say....DON'T stress what other people say...yes yes easier said then done but Maia is beautiful and healthy and exactly the size God had planned for her to be! Isn't the first few weeks of feeding them cereal the best? They tend to spit, drool and play in the fun and it makes for super fun pictures!

Bridget said...

don't worry people tell me my babies are too fat:)