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Family Photo

Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Few of This Week's Happenings

Forgot to pack diapers for Noah the day he went to my Mother-in-Law's house. Seeing how it is impossible to go anywhere with two babies, she was unable to go buy some. When I went to pick him up, he looked like he was wearing a thong diaper. Grandma put him in one of Maia's diapers and he was walking around the house in only his thong diaper and  t-shirt since his shorts had gotten soaked. 

I was transformed into my alter ego, Congalita, for a Murder Mystery Dinner party I went to. Hopefully I can post a picture soon. I had on really red lipstick and Noah kept staring at me like I was crazy and pointing at my red "hips." He wouldn't let me kiss him. He was scared.

Noah is learning the concept of counting. When he sees the tickle-me-Elmo and the Elmo book that we have he points to them consecutively and says "tee, six Elmo." "I correct him and say one two Elmos. There are two of them." He once again points at each of the Elmos and says "tee, six, Elmo." At least he gets the important are the numbers anyways?!  

My mother-in-law made an appointment for she and I to get our haircut by my sister-in-law Connie who works at a salon in Yorba Linda. We would go together and she would watch the babies while I got my haircut. Well, she told me to get off on Imperial so when I accidentally got in front of her on the freeway, I just exited Imperial and kept an eye in my rear view mirror to see where I should turn next. Bad move. I thought I saw her turn on a certain street so I made a U-turn and went back to that street and went right which is the direction I saw her turn. To make a long story short through a series of miscommunications on the phone I ended up in the ghetto far far away from the salon with two screaming children in the back seat one of whom wanted to know why "Bama's Car" was no longer in front of us. I was sooooo frustrated that I yelled at Noah and felt completely horrible and decided to just go home until I realized that my double wide stroller (which I cannot live without) was in my mother-in-law's car. We had to go back to the salon and get the stroller. By the time we arrived Noah was on his 3rd melt down over a dropped toy that I couldn't reach, Maia was screaming from being sick of being in her car seat, and I was in desperate need of some ear plugs and a shot of Patron. A drive that should have taken 20 minutes (the exit we were supposed to take was not Imperial) ended up taking an hour and 10 minutes and practically drove me to the edge of my sanity.

God made up for that horrendous experience by giving me a delightful Saturday morning. Here I am in my PJ's enjoying the silence of Maia still sleeping, (since 7:30 last night...don't freak out, I fed her at 11 last night and 7 this morning but she went right back to sleep) and Noah taking his nap. I was able to have a nice peaceful quiet time this morning, play with Noah, clean a little, talk to a friend, answer emails, and blog about it all. Total redemption for yesterday's morning. Thank you Jesus! 

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